pandemic panic

Pandemic pandemonium as some Bells Corners residents face VERY tough choices.

Cut-through speeding traffic, illegal trucks and missing traffic signs on Old Richmond Rd.

Will politicians will wait until the next tragic “accident” in car-centric Bells Corners?

One of Bells Corners most dangerous intersections claims another victim.

Demolition derby on the strip.
The most dangerous intersection in Bells Corners? Something needs to be done.
Professor Emeritus Barry Wellar, member of the Order of Canada, rides to the rescue!

“Safe streets NOW! Transparency!” says the feisty world-renowned expert on traffic safety.

He’s getting the the problems fixed, no thanks to Rick.

It helps to have friends in high places.
Unloading the beast.

Pedestrian blues. Ped parade!

They paved paradise

Should kids be in school or online? Survey says…

Ford attacks teachers and spreads misinformation. Students fight back.
Aren’t you glad you’re not a teacher? Or a parent? Or a student? Or a bus driver?

Back to school blues.


Racism is alive and sick in Pembroke and in Bells Corners.

What a hypocrite! Too much Watson.

Good use of taxpayer funds? Chalk artists victims of police vendetta?

Do non-white lives matter to Facebook bigots and deceitful politicians?
Should the police be defunded? Made to buy their own socks?

Councillors Leiper and Menard make a good case for more effective policing.

Chief Peter Sloly and Councillor Rawlson King aren’t so sure. Rank and file cops censored.

Randall Denley stirs the pot.

Traffic stop a clear case of racial profiling?

Yvette, Matt, the chief and many others weigh in.

What does retired cop Mark Scharfe say?

Mysterious dumpster fire in the heart of Lynwood Village.

Affordable housing?

Affordable housing!

New play structure.


Larry and Pat tried to park in the street but NIMBY neighbours would have none of it.

Rick provided pizza out of his “office budget” slush fund.

Enraged Westcliffe residents NOT happy with the FrancoOuest pop-up screw-up.

Breakout at Franco-Ouest, students sent home.

No need to bring your own seating to Bells Corners. But it helps.

Wait times of up to four hours at the Bells Corners COVID-19 testing centre at DA Moodie.

Come prepared to spend at least few hours standing in line exposed to the elements.

Bring a chair and wear diapers. Beware of entitled hypocritical NIMBYs on Ridgefield.

Cool as a Cumberland cucumber.

A Bells Corners family comes prepared.

“We’re three-quarters of the way there!”

Some Ottawa councillors are doing a good job. Others are TERRIBLE. Your vote. Cumberland by-election: Watson’s chosen candidate campaigning on the taxpayer’s dime.

#WatsonClub councillors say our corrupt mayor knows best.

Gerrymandering by the #WatsonClub for the 2022 election.

Will Ardeth and the chihuahuas ride to the rescue?

Who appointed this politicized board that spends public funds without accountability?

Public facilities privatized by fake community associations: some transparency please.

Homeless guy enjoyed his free ride from Dundonald Park to the Rideau Centre.

Bells Corners United Church.

High Fives.

Family celebrates two birthdays at Zola’s pandemic popup patio with live music!

Zola’s HUGE meatballs.

Westcliffe Park.




Byward Market.

Be careful where you park your vehicle at FreshCo (police are seeking a man armed with a big knife who likes to slash tires).

High Fives has the liveliest patio in Bells Corners.

Tourists and workers from outside of town like staying at the Bells Corners Best Western.

You don’t often see a four-wheel drive van. Tourists love bunking in Bells Corners.

Competing school boards fight for student$. Thank goodness the public board has a few good trustees, a decent director of education and many amazing teachers and staff.

Many overpriced staff and administrators are known to bungle. Often.

The Catholic school board, as usual, seems to be flying by the seat of their holy pants.

Kichesippi is very dog and bike-friendly.

FREE bike-taxi passenger at the Tyrrell condos.

Facebook follies on Kimberly/Kimberley.

Conspiracy Theory Brewing opening soon!

Rick’s favourite brewery?

Politician crashes Women’s March.

Suzy Q Donuts opening soon in the KFC strip mall near one of the new pot shops.

Stillwater Creek Retirement Residence on Robertson/Richmond. Gray lives matter!
Growing old in Bells Corners.

Nice view from the roof.

Shame on the city and the shady contractors for polluting the Stillwater Creek.

Barberholic in the Sex Shoppe plaza. Great cuts, great price. A spa opening next door?
Bells Corners small businesses screwed by Rick, Joe et compagnie.

They’re back! Gordie and Jay are BC’s best barbers.
Cheap inexpensive cuts by the best in the business.

Pierre Poilièvre’s Bells Corners office boy working overtime for the boss.

“Community” mailboxes vandalized by scammer$.

Garage sales cancelled.

Greenbelt gobbled.

Wide enough for you?

Old car converted into affordable housing for the homeless.

Better than sleeping on a park bench.

Protest parade.

Rogers technician installs a bug for the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) dictators.

Circle K gets a cut of the winnings.

It’ll help cover the cost of Tristan’s reckless driving.

Caught speeding.

Did vandals cart off Tristan’s air conditioner at the privatized LVCA bunker?

Bon débarras. But why did disgraced LVCA ex-president Cooke really resign?

Bells Corners is a hotspot for cyclists, food trucks and disgraced politicians.

Drew’s Chewz or StarFries?

Bells Corners has balls.

Rick’s skateboard fiasco.

Minimum wage jobs for Rick and Tristan.

New owners at the fireplace store (where the heritage Tim Hortons used to be).

The future of cycling in Bells Corners.

Bixis in Ottawa! Bixis in Montreal.

Climate strike!

Rob Campbell.

Bells Corners? Five thumbs up.

Rick, Lida and Darryl? Jim Watson? Three thumbs down.

On the Ridgefield cut-through traffic speedway.

Canadian Tire parking lot party.

Binh-go family business kicked out by Tesla after 40+ years in Bells Corners.

Best chip wagon?

Chilling at the Dairy Queen.

Police watch workers changing the traffic lights on Moodie.

Inequality on the rise.

Home prices in Bells Corners.

Are the police racist? Chief says yes, union says no. They’re both right!

We need competent, honest politicians in charge of the developer-friendly Transportation Master Plan.

Heritage Bel-Air motel no longer in the gasoline business. George’s skull is still there!

Bel-Air car wash to be upgraded?

Illegitimate community associations and assorted scoundrels.

Time for some transparency and integrity.


Who knew selling Tupperware and spreading nasty rumours on Facebook could be so lucrative?

Tristan goes down hard. Rick goes down hard. The best is yet to come!

Tell-all book coming!

Explosive revelations of Rick’s outrageous behaviour.

Do the right thing please?

Barry with the governor-general.

Dundonald Park.
Plaid Parade.

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