Rogers debate turns ugly

The controversial “private” Rogers Oct. 27 election debates had to be temporarily shut down when moderator Mark Sutcliffe ruled that the bear guy’s proton pack was NOT funny.
Everyone else, including the technicians, wanted to let him wear it but Sutcliffe put his foot down.
He also tried to rule that my campaign button was too big after Rick raised an objection. Luckily the producer from Osgoode stepped in before it could be confiscated.
Guy Annable backed her up: “For chrissakes, Mark, let him wear it!” he shouted to his longtime friend.
The Bay Ward gong show quickly descended into chaos after the proton pack incident, as five old white guys tore strips off each other. The bear guy just looked on bemused as the moderator struggled to regain control.
But it wasn’t ALL fun and games – there was REAL blood on the floor when Alex Cullen forced veteran politician Mark Taylor to apologize to voters for his “rookie mistake” (taking a brown envelope stuffed with cash from the taxi drivers union). Cullen savours the moment while Taylor hangs his head in shame.
Does all this nastiness turn people off politics?
Not necessarily! These firefighters at the Leslie Park Fun Day thought it might even stir up interest in the election and result in a higher turnout of voters.
These kids agreed!
“Put us down as undecided” said these three underage voters.
These guys vote for more free sports opportunities for youth.
These rugby players in Lynwood Park concur.

This Lynwood Village resident likes the bike parking facilities at Loblaws. The situation at the Pizza Hut and Giant Tiger plazas, not so much.
The basics are more expensive at Loblaws, but you can find some interesting deals.
Halloween watermelons for sale.
Do people actually buy pink and white pumpkins?
What’s WRONG with this photo? (answer tomorrow)
How did a Loblaws shopping cart end up at FreshCo?

New business in the Tandoori Fusion plaza.
The walk-in clinic is only open certain days.
A new walk-in clinic might open in the Pizza Hut space in the Bio-test Labs plaza – the formerly red roof recently got a fresh coat of black paint. Apparently a physiotherapist will be opening up in the KidKaf and there may be an upscale bakery in the old medical uniforms place.
Which do you prefer – the old bins or the new ones?
It won’t be as amazing as the recent party at the Bells Corners Animal Hospital but animal lovers won’t want to miss this event (light refreshments, guided tours, door prizes) at the Lynwood Animal Hospital. Human family members only for this event.
Skateboarding seems to be increasingly popular – wonder if Rick’s campaign promise from 2010 is still good?
Six new trees (four maples, two spruce) to replace the 12 huge ashes that were cut down.
Need a hand getting ready for Halloween in Bells Corners? Just be careful– remember that scary incident in the Beer Store plaza?

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