politicians at the mosque, killer apologizes

Donald Trump and Drug Ford roll into Bells Corners.

Conservative rally at the Nepean Sportsplex.

Grand opening of the Bells Corners mosque.

Lots going on!

Politicians on the campaign trail at a distinguished Indian restaurant.

Patrick and Goldie.

Bob Chiarelli and Jeremy.

Jim and Larry.

Politicians at City Hall.

There are rules against using office budgets and staff time for election-related activity but they are routinely ignored. Rick Chiarelli’s misuse of his office budget for campaigning and pork-barreling gives him a huge leg up on his opponent Ryan Kennery.

Friendly homeless Halifax busker and his buddy Brave have some good stories to tell.

Dealer pleads guilty to killing his former girlfriend and apologizes to her parents. His lawyer argues for a seven-year sentence. The other guy got charged too.

Nice cleanup at Dragonfly Park.

Messy already.

Bike collisions.

Pedestrian collisions.

Car collisions.

Demolition derby on the strip.

Black lives matter at the public board?

Ice storm damage in Lynwood Village.

Cindy’s birthday!

Joyous bike-taxi passengers.

Free ride to the Dollarama.

Police chief Ford versus John Baird’s office assistant.

Conservative hecklers want to lock her up.

Vern White supporters.

Will the next mayor of Ottawa be White?

Vote here.
Socialists in the park. 

Greenbelt gobbled.

Community association: “Safety for local residents must be improved on Moodie Drive between the communities of Crystal Beach-Lakeview and Bells Corners. The infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists is abysmal. Someone is very likely to be injured or worse.

Navigating as a cyclist or pedestrian along Moodie Drive to cross the bridge over Highway 417 has become more complex and extremely dangerous. This is a high speed stretch of road and has multiple on and off ramps to both the 417 and Transitway that must be crossed.

A multi-use path or other segregated infrastructure must be considered. We cannot continue to risk lives by waiting to implement these changes.”
Psychics predict Rick’s downfall.
The medium is the message.

Pop-up prom at Bell High.

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