speed kills

Does Bells Corners have a speeding problem?
Many residents are concerned.
These addresses have requested anti-speeding signs.
Mayor Watson flip-flopped shamelessly on photo radar – initially totally opposed but, after an intense spin-battle, he gave in (but limited its use to short stretches right in front of schools).
Only two councillors out of 23 voted against using photo radar to protect students: Rick Chiarelli and Allan Hubley.
In the car-centric sprawling suburbs it’s a politically-correct position but only Chiarelli and Hubley are trying to cash in.
A motion to slightly broaden the definition of school zones to include the parts of streets children use to get to school failed on a 14-8 vote.
Traffic-calming and humps could be an inexpensive solution in the worst areas.
Photo radar lite lets speeders off easily. Super-wide, freshly-paved Seyton has a lot of kids and speeders.
78 degrees Fahrenheit! Nice weather for a free bike-taxi ride.
A cheer for summer finally arriving.
These kids love those T&T fries.
Bike-taxi fans at FreshCo.
Crazy ride to Zellers!
Bell HS students hitching a ride.
Our Bells Corners Syrian refugees will feel the sting of the bungling OCDSB cuts.
Many students will migrate to the Catholic board, making the public board’s financial position even worse.
False advertising – Bells Corners is WAY more bike-friendly than Barrhaven, especially for seniors.
Assistance dogs come in all shapes and sizes.
Team Chiarelli had fun schmoozing with wealthy donors.
This guy provided the DeLorean for the photo ops.
Got e-waste? The Bells Corners scouts want it – Sat. May 14 at Canadian Tire.
Popup fresh vegetable market at the mosque.
Doors Open Ottawa again this year! June 4-5.
These Saudi tourists enjoyed their stay in Bells Corners.

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7 Responses to speed kills

  1. Carlos says:

    Ottawa in general has terrible drivers and Bells Corners is even worse simply because of the demographics but speeding isn’t the issue.

    • ottawaowl says:

      Demographics? You mean Bells Corners has a lot of older drivers with weak vision? Or a lot of younger drivers with high testosterone? Or something else?

      I rarely see speeding or terrible drivers in Bells Corners. But I’m still in favour of traffic-calming and speed enforcement.

      • Carlos says:

        The high concentration of older people is certainly a factor but so is the concentration of public servants on Fitzgerald and a higher concentration of life-nits — Bells Corners is not as bad as the Glebe but still higher than average for Ottawa and Ottawa is itself already itself higher than average.

        I’m generally strongly against traffic-calming but the cameras in the school zones don’t bother me — why would anyone take a route that involves a school zone? Unless it is the only way to get home you shouldn’t and in that case you knew that when you bought the property so drive slow and deal with it.

  2. Dave says:

    Careless driving kills.
    A safe speed depends on the driver, the car, the road surface, the visibility, the traffic conditions, the lighting, and the weather.
    Photoradar only addresses speed.
    What needs addressing are dangerous drivers.

  3. Dennis Lloyd says:

    With regards to the WECA posting – the original post by Carolina Robson, with the WECA poster, was deleted immediately as well. I FB messaged Carolina to ask why her, and my, posts were deleted – no reply as of yet. I have screenshots of postings if required.
    Dennis Lloyd.

    – If you email me the screenshots I’ll post them here.

    Bells Corners Rocks! and the two Facebook groups of the illegitimate community associations often censor any material that doesn’t please the administrators.

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