door to door; dying without dignity in dirty diapers

The Moodie-Robertson intersection in Bells Corners.

Vote here.

Two candidates going door to door in Bells Corners: Rick Chiarelli and Laine Johnson.

Laine Johnson’s campaign intake form.

Laine Johnson was at the helm of 100in1Day.

Synapcity Bells Corners Talks at the Centennial Library. The full report.

Will it be a fair election?

Whither Bells Corners?

Intensification coming to the large lots of Lynwood Village.

The draft Official Plan.

A better plan? Toon weighs in.

Home prices in Bells Corners.

Coyotes and bears in Lynwood Village.

Critical school board elections at Bell H.S.

Easter in Todd’s BIA FreshCo plaza.

Cheap gas in Bell Corners.

Mother of all cranes serves sprawl at the new Hydro substation at Longwood/Old Richmond Road.

Planet Bells Corners.

Bells Corners is the shawarma capital of the west end.

Growing old in Bells Corners.

Almost everyone wants to die at home without suffering too much, right? Crisis in home care.

Home care is what people want and it costs the least (hospital $730 a day, long-term care home $210 a day, home care less than $100 a day).

Ford government’s privatization of health care: old folk written off.

Cost-cutting to boost profits. Staffing shortage crisis costs lives.

Putting profits over people, shame on Lisa MacLeod and Doug Ford.

PSW wage at a giant for-profit home care company.

PSW wage at a giant for-profit long-term care home.

PSW wage in a hospital.

It doesn’t make sense. Ontario Health Coalition:

Right-wing convoy counter-protest in #CollegeWard.

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