Moodie pop-up “guerrilla” bike lanes

A 13-second CTV clip on Twitter generated many outraged howls about cyclists daring to create their own scofflaw guerrilla pop-up bike lanes.

The CBC report fanned the flames as #autowa vs. #ottbike brawls broke out on social media.

The teens in the Radio-Canada photo were shamed for not wearing helmets and popping wheelies.

The truth emerged: the local group had all the necessary permits and permissions.

Local residents and Healthy Transportation Coalition volunteers worked for over a year to make it happen.

These guys did the heavy lifting popping/unpopping the lanes and adjusting the signage.

The hardest part was getting Ottawa’s LEAST bike-friendly developer-funded councillor to say yes and kick in some funds from his $250,000-a-year slush fund.

But an election’s coming and #ottbike voters are on a roll and can’t be completely ignored.

One of the Rick and Lida’s many employees grilled the RickDogs.

The councillor’s campaign manager/partner-in-crime handled the media and secured the site for the boss’s grand entry.

Rick came in his favourite cycling duds.

Avid cyclist Theresa Kavanagh hopes to ride to victory in Bay ward.

Emilie Coyle is the early favourite in College ward.

The current and past presidents of came to support safe cycling.

TV news.

The Healthy Transportation Coalition is NOT just about cyclists.

A safety audit of Bells Corners West suggested improvements for pedestrians.

They want better public transit in Bells Corners.
Cheaper fares, better service.

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2 Responses to Moodie pop-up “guerrilla” bike lanes

  1. Barry Wellar says:

    While a Professor in the Department of Geography, Environmental Studies, and Geomatics, University of Ottawa, I was the Principal Investigator for the Walking Security Index project which was funded by the Region of Ottawa-Carleton and then the City of Ottawa, 1995-2002.

    Some 35-40 reports are published, many of which are posted on websites.

    I have successfully used the reports for expert witness purposes, and I suggest that more attention be paid to using that research and the liability argument as a means to “encourage” the City of Ottawa, including Ottawa Police Service, to significantly increase its efforts to provide an appropriate standard of care regarding the safety, comfort, and convenience of pedestrians and cyclists.

    Dr. Barry Wellar, C.M., GISP

    Professor Emeritus

    Department of Geography

    University of Ottawa

    Ottawa ON K1N 6N5

  2. Tony! says:

    I can’t see Sue R’s BCR post on Facebook but she’s 100% right. Their main focus should have been Robertson Road!

    I appreciate their efforts, but they picked the wrong road. Rick C, like Sue mentioned, has destroyed Robertson Rd. as a safe option for cyclists, without any hope for the future.

    Last fall I was clipped by a car’s mirror as I went past the now defunct Living Lighting and I haven’t ridden the strip since.

    Luckily I wasn’t tossed off the bike or injured.

    – I don’t often agree with Sue but she’s bang-on with her criticism of Chiarelli.

    She’s WRONG that the pop-up bike lane project was “organized and pushed by people who don’t live, drive, walk, or bike in B.C.”

    OF COURSE the greater need is on Robertson, but nothing is possible on the strip without change at City Hall.

    And something’s better than nothing, n’est-ce pas? Less affluent residents/cyclists/pedestrians/children/oldsters deserve a safe route across the the Moodie Speedway.

    Mind you, the Ridgefield Speedway is pretty bad too. Solutions that almost everyone would support would be dirt cheap if the councillor got off his ass.

    Even a lowered speed limit on Moodie DRIVE and some other cheap traffic-calming is progress and the Healthy Transportation Coalition has been very skillful in pointing to the best possible solutions for EVERYONE including motorists.

    Public investment in complete streets is worth it in the long run, but most politicians seem to only see as far as the next election.

    Doug Ford and Lisa hate cyclists, so funding will be a problem, especially if the same old tired crew gets elected on Oct. 22.

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