tourists in Bells Corners

Tourists visiting Bells Corners sometimes like to buy a postcard in this interesting store. Guess which one is the biggest seller?
The Whistler, Toronto and Calgary postcards don’t exactly fly off the rack, but anything featuring the canal or the changing of the guard is popular (the Bells Corners postcards were all sold out when I was there).
Tourists from Britain, Montreal, Toronto and New York can get their favourite papers…
…or magazines.
The girlie magazines are discreetly shrouded but not these. Not too many folks in Bells Corners are packing, but one prominent local figure has an extensive arsenal. Gun control, anyone?
Tourists also come to Bells Corners to visit our outdoor rinks – they don’t have anything like this in China or San Diego! A hockey team from North Carolina, in Bells Corners for a tournament, dropped in to the Lynwood Park rink – some of the kids had never seen snow before, let alone an outdoor rink built on grass.

It’s been cold all right, cold enough for a slapper to split a puck, but the hockey players aren’t deterred.
The Westcliffe rink has been busy – the ice is excellent and the changeroom warm, so get out while you can – the season is short.
Many Westcliffe skaters are enjoying the fun “puddle rink” (which just means a rink without boards) and often use the main rink, which is open to everyone.
Kids love the innovative design.
Our Lady of Peace had their kick at the can – now it’s Bells Corners Public School’s turn, in the never-ending battle-of-the-boards for fresh recruits.
It’s a shame to see Lapointe’s moving out of the Westcliffe Plaza.
It’s been there a l-o-n-g time and was a favourite of many locals. But the lease was over, the dance music was loud, and the look was getting a bit dated, so it was an easy decision to move into the new upgraded location (where the Pacific Rim bit the dust), which features one of Bells Corners’ more interesting patios.
There won’t be room for all the stuffed fishes that decorate the current location, but hopefully the shark will survive.
The Lynwood rinks are in good shape now – sometimes even entire teams come out and the rink is packed, which makes for a great game:

Come join the fun – everyone welcome. The heated changerooms and washrooms are open Saturdays and Sundays, noon to 7:30 p.m. (Mon.-Fri. 6-9 p.m.).
If you want lights for skating just press the green button on the side of the community building. They’re on a timer and power off at curfew time, 11:00 p.m.

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5 Responses to tourists in Bells Corners

  1. margaret says:

    the BC postcard must be of you and your bike 🙂
    if not – maybe it should be

    – This would be better:


    • margaret says:

      good grief
      NO charlie brown !!!

      – Is the BIA elephant a better logo?

      • margaret says:

        LMAO …still can’t get past seeing that blue elephant
        somehow though I don’t think it would be a good postcard
        one of the bridges maybe

        – Before the advertising is installed I hope.

  2. wanderer says:

    We haven’t seen too many skaters on the rink with the cold temperatures – hopefully things will moderate a bit.

    So, who’s the prominent local personality who has an arsenal? Just curious.

    – Attendance has been light at the Lynwood rinks but it’s picking up as more and more people hear that it’s open and in good shape. Publicity for the upcoming Carnival/Carnaval event and Hockey Day in Ottawa should bump up the number of skaters.

    Conditions were PERFECT today – no wind, bright sunshine and excellent ice.

    As for anti gun-control guy – we’re just talking a couple of vintage rifles, a crossbow and an El Kabong guitar, so it’s a very modest arsenal.

    It’s just someone I know – maybe “prominent” is a bit of an exaggeration.

  3. Karen K says:

    Where is this magazine store? I’d love to shop for mine in nearby BC rather than go to the Chapters in Kanata…

    – It’s next door to the soon-to-be-expanding Purewater. Lots of people go there to pick up parcels or send stuff via Canada Post.
    While I was there a local politician scuttled in to pick up an oddly shaped package.
    I wonder if the property manager has fixed the flag yet? The recent violent winds damaged it.

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