trick or treat vote

Barn burner! Vote here. Should you vote strategically?

Too bad Bells Corners doesn’t have a real community association like Crystal Beach-Lakeview:

Should Rick resign? Vote here.

Will Rick’s fellow politicians let him off the hook when they vote next Wednesday?

Looks like Chiarelli’s buddy Scott Moffatt will vote to give Rick leave, with an excuse that the Integrity Commissioner hasn’t finished his investigation of Rick’s honeytraps.

Rick’s favourite brewery.

First fake consultation on the 2020 budget. Three councillors sat at the front: Leiper, Kavanagh and Moffatt (replacing our on-the-lam career politician).

Jim came for the 2019 bogus budget consultation but this year the disgraced mayor was a no-show.

No sign of College ward community association honchos at the 2020 budget consultation.

Do any of them (apart from Centrepointe fake president Ron Benn) still support Rick?

Rick’s support is stronger in some parts of the ward thanks to his $266K annual office budget for pork-barreling on the taxpayer’s dime.

Rick has spent hundreds of thousands dining out and offering “hospitality” to supporters and lobbyists.

Cousin Darryl and Rick’s daughters at the trough to the tune of $28,198 in 2018. NO transparency!

Traffic fun.


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