blondes, puppets and tap-dancing

Who is pulling Rick Chiarelli’s strings?

What it REALLY means.

Watson and Chiarelli hate each other with a passion.

A prominent and courageous Chiarelli victim fights back.

Rick’s Twitter poison pen.

Should developers and corrupt politicians who break the law be let off the hook?

Sentenced to eight years for this crime.

One of the victims died in a hail of bullets.

Bell HS students support teachers’ walkout.

Black Friday in Bells Corners. BC pot shop coming.

Black car totalled. Bells Corners’ most dangerous intersection.

Black gangster car?

Black VIP limo parked in front of a pay day loan business.

Predatory interest rates: some people have no choice.

Are those two flirting?

Marketing booze.

One more reason for getting rid of developer-funded politicians, especially Chiarelli:

Chiarelli bamboozled the City View Community Association by pretending to be on their side.

Bye-bye greenspace thanks to the developers and the politicians they bankroll.

Perfectly good table hockey game in the trash.

Expert opinion: the public school board bungled the Bayshore PS file.

Bayshore should have been demolished to protect student and staff safety. And it would have been way cheaper to build a new school/community centre!

Zellers pays people with cars $105 per six-hour shift to create pollution and congestion driving back and forth on the strip.

The guys who hold the signs get $75 (minimum wage) per six hours.

Whiprsnapr (sic).

Conservative tree-lighting: Todd, Joe, Todd’s daughter, Scotty, Lisa, Jim.

Two misters do business.

Heavy traffic and idling in the pedestrian zone at FreshCo.

Lynwood Village loses yet another giant heritage tree.

The owner needs a permit from the City to cut it down.

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