steamy Canada Day (don’t vote Jim)

Don’t vote Jim Watson!

The nasty mayor’s opponents so far:



Michael (previous campaign in Bay ward)

Bells Corners pop-up bike lane BBQ on Sun. July 22.

Hot enough for you? Entrance Pool is open on the Canada Day weekend.
Swim times

Free bike-taxi rides!

This not-for-profit has 34 bike-taxis. Anyone 55+ rides free.

Canada Days in Bells Corners:





2014, part 2



2011, part 2

Smash! A second of inattention as a car backs up. Crash! Thousands in damages.

Bell truck blocking the sidewalk.

Quebec Day in Bells Corners.

Quebec Day in Montreal. Friends raising funds for this guy’s marriage.

$1 a tap.

Bells Corners biking.

Dairy Queen on the left, the heritage Tim Horton’s/fireplace store on the right.

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