sign wars in Nepean riding

Bells Corners votes in Nepean riding.

Chandra Arya dukes it out with Matt and Sean in #Elxn44.

Arya wins. Not even close!

Arya scores 45% of the vote, same as last time.

The candidates as seen through the prism of social media.

2019 sign wars. Halloween barn burner.

Feeling nosy? How your neighbours voted in 2015.

Heavy turnout in the retirement homes.

Jack Layton lovers off to the polls.

On Jack’s last ride in Bells Corners he scored a goal!

Basic income now?

Even for retail workers!

Hidden poverty in Bells Corners.

Rick off to the hospital.

Back home and ready for the budget consultations!

Fire drill at Stillwater Creek.

Whither long-term care? For profit or public?

SuzyQ bike-taxi passengers.

Great work by the Crystal Beach-Lakeview Community Association as usual.

Fun rides with the Kanata-Nepean Bicycle Club.

Ottawa Hydro has finished clear-cutting at its new substation.

Nortel Networks became

DND headquarters. The Chinese bugs are mostly cleared.

Pointing the way to shawarma.

Pointing the way to Bells Corners pot.

City workers upgrading the catch basins in Lynwood Village to prevent backups.

Bells Corners balls.

Electric bike with a wooden chain guard and a golden water bottle.

How much? Who pays?

Vikings de Franco-Ouest.

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