doping less dangerously; ground zero Diefenbunker blues

Coming soon to Bells Corners.

Help for recovering addicts facing poisoning and death.

A place to obtain drugs, hang out and shoot up less dangerously?

In the same strip mall as Local Heroes, Putt Above, Jadan’s, FAMSAC, etc.

Across from Bells Corners PS.

Treatment, not harm reduction.

Chief Bordeleau is worried about public safety: there will be no bubble zone, no amnesty.

Watson backed down on injection sites but still enjoyed a “have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too” political moment.

Will there be a bump in Bells Corners crime? The evidence is mixed.

DND delayed again – the $800 million project is running 21 months late.

Lots of services on site: hair, food, exercise, shopping.

The Chinese bugs have been mostly cleared out.
Bells Corners home prices. Up everywhere.

Time to renovate the hub.

Work underway at Building 5 under the dome, where key military planners politicians will ponder defensive and offensive strategy.
Supporting the troops no matter what?

Bells Corners Cameron Highlanders on duty.
Canada 150: good excuse for a shameful spray of awards as politicians self-congratulate.

Bells Corners MP Chandra Arya handed out scores of military-style painted gold discs engraved with his name and a Liberal slogan.

Not to be outdone, Bells Corners MPP Lisa MacLeod enthusiatically pinned 150 voters,  mostly fellow politicians and political supporters.
A Conservative love-in as career politicians long at the trough award each other gifts.
Right-wing Westcliffe Trump partisan William Quinn rewarded for running one of Rick’s lucrative fake community a$$ociations.

Having public honours distributed wholly at the discretion of elected local corrupt politicians is cringe-worthy and bad for democracy.

Fire at the heritage Bel-Air movie studios.
Time to swap out the fake BIA banner$.

Fake community associations in Bells Corners.

Non-fake community associations have public meetings and are transparent, accountable and rules-based.

Poverty in Bells Corners.
Possible light rail routes.

On the SJAM trail.

Public school trustees up for re-election this year.

Main Bells Corners pedestrian route at Robertson/Moodie/Tarquin.

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1 Response to doping less dangerously; ground zero Diefenbunker blues

  1. Chris says:

    I was unaware of the Recovery Ottawa centre opening across the street from where my son attends school, so thank you for this. It is unfortunate that the community (to my knowledge) was not involved in this decision, especially those directly impacted, including the parents of students attending the school.

    While I support providing help and assistance to addicts, I believe that the neighbourhood should be closely evaluated so that an informed decision can be made on where this support is provided. Our councillor will certainly be hearing from me (for all the good that will do).

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