tornado walkout

Massive student walkout at Bell H.S.

Some students walked out to skip class but most were there to protest and discuss the issues.

OCDSB officials watched nervously from a distance as hundreds of students left school grounds without permission for a two-hour protest.

The walkout happened just before the tornado struck. The power was out in Bells Corners for almost a whole day and night.

Retirement homes used their emergency generators to keep some common areas lit but hotel guests were in the dark.

No traffic lights, all businesses closed. Sort of peaceful.

These cheerful tourists from Alberta didn’t seem to mind the blackout.

A “war zone” in the Trend-Arlington and Craig Henry neighbourhoods near Bells Corners.

It could be several days before all the lights are back on.

Emilie Coyle had planned another pop-up office event in Westcliffe Park to listen to residents but the tornado blew away her plans.

Latest poll results: Emilie first, Ryan a close second, Rick third!

A tip of the hat to the fine staff at Bell H.S. – best in the province!

Jim Trump was spotted campaigning illegally in Bells Corners at the dog BBQ.

Incumbent politicians aren’t allowed to use taxpayer resources to campaign but the mayor had one of his many employees on duty to take photos and answer questions.

It’s NOT fair Jim!

Shame on Watson and Chiarelli and the other developer-funded politicians

The voters will decide.

Ryan doesn’t like the way Rick flouts the rules.

Will Wasteful Watson get re-elected?

Prickly sidewalk.

Greenbelt farm near Bells Corners to become a sound stage for film and tv?

Danger at Lynwood Manor.

Rick gets his name set in stone in Hillside Park.

Another sign in the park Rick renamed at his campaign event last election.

Oh dear!

Growing old in Bells Corners.

Opening soon in the Westcliffe plaza.

Another dance studio will try its luck near the amazing Jay’s Barber Shop.

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