tricked and treated

Homeless on Halloween a scary prospect during pandemic times in Bells Corners.

Sleeping on a Bells Corners bench safer than the shelters? Doping less dangerously?

Many are losing it, some have lost it. A few are winning big.

Halloween terror in Bells Corners.

Halloween in Bells Corners.

Scary winds of change in Bells Corners.

DANGER on Old Richmond Road! Local resident Barry Wellar, member of the Order of Canada, calls for a Community Safety Zone before someone gets killed or maimed.

The Professor Emeritus gets it done where Rick and other local politicians have failed.

Thanks to the new signs the taxpayer won’t get sued when the inevitable happens.

Traffic calming or cash grab?

Kids on Forester.

School choice for non-Catholics?

Singing Oh Canada.

Who gets to teach our kids? Nepotism or union rules?

Fat chance. The private car is king in Bells Corners.

Bells Corners Public School gets an instant lawn.

Naked killer back in the community. Another killer apologizes. More sad details.

Most politicians can’t be trusted. Naked killer sued.

Who is the naked killer?

Home of the Eco-Fairs.

United Church gift baskets.

Christ Church gift baskets.

Christ Church fundraiser.

Nurses on Sycamore against Bill 124: “from heroes to zeros.”

Fill ‘er up? No more gas at the heritage Bel-Air Motel.

Vociferous bike-taxi passengers.

Happy Sukkot!

The rabbi and his family.

Fake by-election.

Corrupt Cumberland Kitts Coronation.

Free cedar pickup. Recycled to produce cedar oil by farmer Buck, (613) 880-0035.

Rat attack in Lynwood Village.

Chalk wars draw blood.

Police crackdown backfires?


The corrupt mayor must be fuming!

Sat. Oct. 24 protest march.

Innocent or not guilty?

Will the verdict be just? No. Not really. Too many bad apples.


Vote here.

Tourist from Toronto.

Half a house for rent on Ridgefield.

Not cheap!

New Ridgefield roof.

Strip mall owner spruces up the monstrous Moodie/Robertson intersection.

One of Rick’s trees is dead already.

Pedestrians in Bells Corners often carry stout sticks to ward off speeding traffic.

Near one of Bells Corners’ most dangerous intersections.

Electric bikes.

Magician John Milks on an electric bike: no licence, no insurance, no gas.

Heavy equipment operator on Forester.

Always lots of drama in lower Westcliffe.

Pirate bike at FreshCo.

New business where the heritage Tim Horton’s used to be.

One less portable at Franco-Ouest.

Fake community a$$ociation harvesting email addresses.

Transparency please.

Local Heroes (now KFC).

High Fives.

Rats on Cherrywood.

Watchdog on Cherrywood.

Evergreen skull toss.

Priam where the bad guys live.

Wareham in New Lynwood.

Home business on Hadley Circle near Hadley Court.

Where should this Bellwood woman ride?

Lot rich, house poor on Arnold. Solution = tear it down and build a mansion.

Affordable housing?

The circus is in town!



Fresh casket on Cedarbank.

Community mailbox repaired after incident.

Fewer tourists because of the lockdown.

Active transportation on “Richmond Road.”

Dairy Queen melts.

Dairy Queen unmelts.

Pcik-up zone at the mosque.

Fake sign in the Moodie triangle.

Everyone welcome.

Born in Nunavut, works on Baffin Island, lives in Westcliffe.

“We don’t have too many of these where I come from!”

Funny business in Westcliffe.

Birthday on Ridgefield.

Guess who’s 50?

Anyone can worship the Christ Church god and get a tax deduction.

Thank goodness we have Rob Campbell as our OCDSB trustee.

Rehearsing at Conspiracy Theory Brewing.

Competition for the Butchery?

Garbage/recycling day on Old Richmond at the Cedar Court condos.

Proud boy bullies evicted.

Bon débarras!

This Shia place of worship was formerly a bingo hall.

Paradise Spa plaza.

Home to LeeGa.

The Thai Flame also has Laotian food.

Skinny disgraced councillor campaigning for reelection with his employees.

At least three other portly residents are in the race.

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