politicians need to eat too

Stittsville politician Shad Qadri got some good press for “only” spending $187,000 of his 2016 office budget. Sounds pretty frugal, right? Coun. Qadri could have spent every last penny of his $253,548 limit. Jan Harder spent $251,631, mostly on self-promotion.

Or he could have gobbled up a big chunk of the quarter million dining out on the taxpayer’s dime, like Rick Chiarelli.

The world’s longest self-serving career politician chowed down at Summerhays 16 times in 2016 on his way to spending tens of thousands of dollars on “hospitality” and gifts for friends and supporters.

Before we go praising our “frugal” politicians to the rooftops let’s not forget that the offices themselves with all the bells and whistles are already provided by the taxpayer. 80% of the “office budget” goes to put political staffers on the public payroll.

Compared to many other councillors (Eli El-Chantiry, Allan Hubley, Mark Taylor, Rick Chiarelli, etc.) Qadri’s 2016 use of his office budget looks pretty good, so I don’t mean to pick on him. He took some corporate and union donations when running for office, but he’s not as heavily financed by developers and land speculators as some of the politicians at City Hall.

Corporate-financed politician Jim Watson has no problem rewarding his corporate donors with millions for millionaires.

Live Easter bunnies are still for sale at Bayshore. Don’t squeeze them!

Easter flowers on the Bells Corners strip.

$20 for this bouquet, tax included.

It’s an Easter ritual in Bells Corners.

Indoor Easter bike parking at the drive-thru Rexall.

Good Friday free bike-taxi ride on the strip.

Only two ticks spotted so far at the Bells Corners Animal Hospital.

Approximate NHL logos at Local Heroes.

Planet Fitness open 24/7, even on the Easter weekend.

Talk before or after sex? Paradise by the dashboard lights.

Sex and drugs on the strip.


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