illegal dumping in Stillwater Creek- City of Ottawa charged

The good folk at Stillwater Creek Retirement Residence should once again take up arms.

Rick, the City of Ottawa and construction moguls are being blamed for illegally dumping crap in their creek. Stillwater Creek starts south of Bells Corners, near the recent Great Fire.

In most of Bells Corners we’ve built on top of it. The creek runs under Timm Drive, the scene of the crime.

After leaving Bells Corners, Stillwater Creek runs free through the Greenbelt, winding through Lakeview and Crystal Beach.

Then it dumps its delights into the Ottawa River between the sailing club and Andrew Haydon Park.

I’ve got another beef with Colautti Construction Ltd., the City of Ottawa and Rick – not only are they illegally dumping crap in the creek, they’ve also screwed up Timm Drive as a bike route – it’s not nearly as safe or as pleasant as it was before Rick and his buddies went to work.

Construction crews didn’t clean up much after themselves – in some places the entire lane is covered in loose scree, forcing cyclists to travel cheek-to-jowl with 100km/h+ traffic.

The north side bike lane wasn’t touched – it’s still full of deep bore holes and crumbling asphalt. The south side bike lane was repaved but its size was reduced by about 50%.

All this in the name of progress – to feed further suburban sprawl (good for the developers and contractors who cut cheques for Rick) and to make it easier for Sens fans to speed to Bells Corners bars after the game (good for Alex Lewis and the bigwigs on the BIA board).

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3 Responses to illegal dumping in Stillwater Creek- City of Ottawa charged

  1. wanderer says:

    I can’t believe no one commented on this – not even the cycling community in Ottawa, which is huge.

    Has anyone complained about this to City Hall? Have the environmental folks not been in to investigate? They sure as H… investigated to stop the building of Scotiaplace, trying to prove that the creek that goes through that area is a navigable river. This resulted in a HUGE bridge being built entering Stittsville. Tax money wasted on nonsensical stuff, but the trash going into the Stillwater Creek is not an issue?

    This really makes me mad, and it should make all residents of BC furious.

  2. Disgusted says:

    Typical City of Ottawa – they REALLY don’t care and can do whatever they want.

    How about those 50 toilets pumping poop into the Ottawa River!

    The city bureaucrats and career politicians like Ricky have a POOR record of “trying” to contain pollution.

    Whats’ more important? Stupid Landsdowne Park, the mythical LRT, condos, and just plain dumb spending on useless things.

    God bless their Royal Highnesses: Jim, Ricky and all the other clowns.

  3. wookie says:

    The City of Ottawa and HRH Watson are immune to prosecution.

    They can do whatever the hell they want!

    They’re too busy blowing wads of cash on silly casinos, LRT and other foolish crap!

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