Rick hits the mean streets

Rick Chiarelli called a hero for sucking up to selfish right-wing racists.

Rick hits the streets as part of his campaign for re-election.

“Free” food financed with foreign money by Trump, MacLeod and Poilievre supporters.

Counter-protest on Bank Street.

Selfish “freedom fighters” get a taste of their own medicine at the Battle of Billings Bridge.

Police chief quits.

Rats fleeing a sinking ship: “Serial abuser will be lucky to get 15% of the vote on Oct. 24″ says insider.

Rick Chiarelli, hero or clown? Vote here.

Afghan refugees in Bells Corners.

Another failure for Trudeau and Chandra Arya: betraying our Afghani friends (“they bled for us”) by putting politics above principles. Gut-wrenching horror.

Westcliffe Park: best rinks in the city?

Horizon Ottawa banners by @PoliticalHeads

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1 Response to Rick hits the mean streets

  1. Anonymous says:

    Curious – has Rick said he is running again?

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