pandemic doughnut feeding frenzy

Bells Corners is a good place to wait out the second pandemic lockdown.

Easy access to the amazing Bruce Pit.

Hundreds of kilometres of cross country ski trails at your doorstep.

Not the Gatineau Park but you can walk to the trails.

Cross country skiing in the Bells Corners Greenbelt.

Free groomed trails thanks to dedicated volunteers and public funding.

The most amazing outdoor rinks (ODR) in the city.

Great sliding in Barry’s Hillside Park near Bell HS.

Snowshoeing under the hydro lines in Lynwood Park.

Gourmet/gourmand doughnuts on the Bells Corners strip.

In pandemic times many don’t count calories or pinch pennies.

Three-dollar doughnuts are chump change for the 1%. If you’re paid a pittance it hurts.

Drive-thru doughnuts at the infamous Bells Corners Timmy’s.

Will the Tim’s refresh shore up its sinking market share in the increasingly competitive realm of grab-and-go breakfast and upscale doughnuts?

Li’L (sic) Donuts (sic) at the sucker-punch McDo.

At Centrepointe you don’t need reservations weekdays before 5:00.

All City rinks limited to 25 people.

Lynwood rink by the privatized tennis club.

Crystal Beach-Lakeview has a transparent and legitimate community association.

Bells Corners has LVCA and WECA.

Rick plans on running in the 2022 elections. Boldest comeback ever?

Not too soon to get organized.

Horizon Ottawa is ready.

Rick’s buddy Kurt Stoodely is the frontrunner in #CollegeWard so far.

Some College ward East community associations are transparent and legitimate.

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