virtual bike ride in “outer urban” Bells Corners

Always lots to see in Bells Corners!

Every child matters in Bells Corners.

The Anglican Christ Church on Old Richmond Road.

Dusty’s farm in the Bells Corners Greenbelt.

Au revoir Trent at FreshCo as pandemic line-ups dwindle.

Where East meets West in Bells Corners South.

The most valuable home in Bells Corners?

Bells Corners: paradise for some, unaffordable housing, income inequality, poverty for others.

Upcoming elections. Vote here.

Free bike-taxi service for tired legs.

Politicians at the mosque.

The awesome Crystal Beach-Lakeview Community Association informs and consults the residents it represents:

Bells Corners is also designated as “outer urban” in the new Official Plan.

But, unlike the Crystal Beach-Lakeview community, Bells Corners doesn’t have a strong legitimate community association with broad support or an effective councillor to mitigate the worst effects of developer/politician greed and the climate/housing emergencies.

A better plan?

Stillwater Creek Retirement Community.

Trees near the Centennial Library.

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