Canada Day French Fries

Have there ever been Canada Day celebrations in Bells Corners?

I’m guessing that the answer is no – many Bells Corners residents either go downtown for the full monty, to Kanata for Canada Day lite, or to Andrew Haydon Park to watch the fireworks.
Where are you celebrating Canada Day? (choose as many answers as you want)

Lots of people stay in Bells Corners, but presumably they just celebrate privately with family and friends, as there’s nothing else special to do in Bells Corners. Even the shops are closed, right?

Wrong. For example, this patriotic chip wagon will be open all day on July 1.

Other special Canada Day events are planned for the strip that day, including the inaugural Bells Corners Canada Day Parade. Guess who will be riding in this float?

This chip wagon will be open on Canada Day too.

The gentleman in the sunglasses claims to be an expert on the best fries in Bells Corners, and he’s a HUGE Starfires fan. But he’s also the guy who did such a nice job painting this chip wagon, so he may be biased.

Not exactly healthy fare, but if you’re going to eat fast food you might as well eat tasty fast food, I guess.

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