cash grab or common sense?

Bells Corners speeders, beware! Photo radar is coming to Ottawa in spades. Cash grab or common sense?
Are road tolls coming too?
Ottawa overspent the snow removal budget by $7.6 million. Mayor Watson says it’s time to relax Ottawa’s snow clearing standards, which are far higher than the Ontario average.
Service will slip.
Talk about micro-managing! Watson recently called the roads branch to stop a crew about to remove a snow bank near his home. The mayor felt there was still plenty of room for traffic to pass by.
The traffic-calming snowbanks might stay longer and there might be less salt – I could live with that! Jan Harder wants the city to spend more – she says Barrhaven is being cheated out of its share.
The 2016 version of the Bells Corners Eco-Fair will be held on Sat. April 23 – free admission for a whole day of fabulous fun.
Free tables for eco-friendly groups and businesses.
Deputy Mayor Mark Taylor, already facing the end of his political career for violating the law on political financing, apologizes and backpedals on his insensitive remarks on the guns and gangs file.
Does Bells Corners need an anti-café like this one in Montreal?
You don’t often see roofers working in winter.

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One Response to cash grab or common sense?

  1. Speedy Gonzalez says:

    The mayor and a rival get into a bit of a cat fight over photo radar. One of the mayor’s excuses for not supporting safer streets – it wasn’t in his 2014 election platform!

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