too much Watson?

Winter’s almost over on the Bells Corners strip.

Bland advertising paid for by the taxpayer. Message: “Don’t poison yourself with unhealthy food.”

Message: “Doesn’t this look good?” Breakfast muffin + fries = half of the total calories an average adult should consume in a day.

Cheap gas in car-centric Bells Corners?

Complete house for rent in Lynwood Village – $1600/month + utilities.

Affordable housing for the working poor isn’t always easy to find in Bells Corners.

Garbage gets picked up every two weeks in Bells Corners – this sometimes leads to social media shaming.

Too much Jim Watson?

No surprise that the corporate-funded career politician wants to stay at the trough.

His announcement that he’ll be running again next year has disappointed a lot of wannabe Watsons.

The Conservative elite in Bells Corners is hoping that a Patrick Brown victory will make Jim vulnerable.

Duplication of school boards means we have to close walkable neighbourhood schools.

We’re top-heavy in expensive board bureaucrats.

Duplication of school boards means we waste huge amounts of money on bussing. Why are we funding some religious schools and not others?

Most taxpayers don’t want funding of religious school boards.

It will cost $3.91M to renovate Bell after they close D.A. Moodie: a new basketball court, learning commons, renovated science lab, weight room/spin room. Extra costs include bussing students to another gym until the basketball court is finished.

Stittsville politician Shad Qadri want to put a parking lot in the Bell Corners Greenbelt near the Moodie light rail station.

Where will the Maintenance Storage Facility go? Public meeting, Wed. March 22, 7 p.m. at Maki House, 19 Leeming Drive.

DND goose?

Busted in Bells Corners.

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