Porsches over people, Hiltons over housing

Horrible conflict of interest: corrupt politicians give “stupid” tax handouts to wealthy friends.

Randall Denley on the corrupt tax giveaway to a posh hotel in Bells Corners:

Finger-lickin’ bad tax giveaways in Bells Corners.

Conservatives and progressives agree: “Scam!”

New roof at the heritage pot shop.

Lots of parkland for “outer urban” Bells Corners residents: what’s next.

Unaffordable housing crisis for renters.

Building a new hydro substation at Old Richmond/Longwood.

The rest of the hedge will be ripped out and a high concrete wall will surround the entire property.

Tree giveaway June 12! The future is bleak for Bells Corners trees.

Pandemic retirement home drive-by parade.

Lynwood Village biker.

Bells Corners to Rideau Hall in 7:07!

Binh-go back at the mysterious heritage motel.

Facebook dirty tricks fry wars in Bells Corners.


Flag poles are expensive so the City of Ottawa flag was mothballed for the Pride flag.

General Dynamics flags at half-mast to mourn the horrible deaths of 215 children.

Too many flagpoles? Some Conservative Catholics have concerns about flying the Pride flag.

Public school board’s solution: use the existing flagpole.

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