fool “the people”

Colonnade Development Inc. gets a $2,300,000 gift from the taxpayer to tear down the Salvation Army thrift store and build a six-storey hotel and some retail.

The same developer cuts cheques for the incumbent politicians.

Finger lickin’ BAD decision!

Don’t listen to me, I’m just a possibly deranged bike-taxi pilot with a grudge against dishonest politicians ripping off the taxpayer.

But please, don’t just swallow what Rick and Jim are pitching. Read these two Randall Denley columns before you form your opinion: “Politicians should not be subsidizing private businesses. And private businesses should not be subsidizing politicians!”

And if a respected Conservative journalist/politician like Randall Denley is arguing convincingly that something smells rotten at City Hall shouldn’t voters at least listen to his arguments?

Right-wing Denley agrees with left-wing Clive Doucet’s analysis of why Jim Watson doesn’t deserve your vote: “The real test of development is the liveability of the communities it produces, not the maximization of developer profits.”

Tax grab by the 1%.

Chandra Arya and other politicians were campaigning at the smile-filled food truck rally.

Lots of votes up for grabs.

This cop did a great job directing traffic. Cars were banned for the day!

Nice job by a small army of volunteers!


Ryan, Rick, Emily and Keith were on hand, but no sign of Jim or Lisa.

Denise is campaigning to win the federal Conservative nomination in Nepean. She’s backed by Bells Corners native son Rusty Baird.

“Backed-by-Baird” is a mixed blessing! Can’t wait to see who the nasty Lisa/Pierre faction choose to battle Denise for the right to go up against Chandra next year.

The scouts were prepared for the large crowds in the awesome Christ Church parking lot.

What! D.A. Moodie school to re-open soon because of HUGE screw-ups at Bayshore P.S?

I have multiple reliable sources, so if it actually happens it’s my scoop.

Another board cover-up?

The trustee election is a good place to ask the tough questions.

They paved paradise… part 2.  A crying shame.

Best use of over $6M in tax dollars? Another OCDSB gong show?

Great students and teachers at Bell!

Another victim of the war on bikes? This cyclist’s commute to Barrhaven ended suddenly in a gruesome accident when he was mowed down in a painted cycling “monster slip lane.”

His bike was totalled – once the frame is compromised there’s little left to salvage.

Horrific injuries! Balance problems, physio, nausea, migraines, back pain, emotional trauma, etc. Very experienced cyclist. Followed all the rules. 25 years accident-free!

Riding to Barrhaven at 4:20 on July 9, 2018. Not the worst place to cycle.
Here’s where it starts to get scary.

A cyclist’s worst nightmare: speeding cars on both sides! A long way to Fallowfield! The cyclist isn’t angry at the guy who knocked him off his bike and changed his life forever.
He even called up him up to say he understood, no hard feelings. The real cause of the accident is the lack of safe cycling infrastructure. Shame on the Queen of Barrhaven.

WAY more than a mere barber shop. More like a friendly club: everyone knows your name.

Time travel to Andy of Mayberry days when men were men and Gomer Pyle was on duty.

Luckily there’s barber-client privilege.

No extra charge for shearing old goats.

Bells Corners home prices. If you’re a low-income person desperately seeking affordable housing this is NOT good news.

Good luck finding a place to live at a reasonable cost if you can’t afford to own!

From Turkish to Austrian/Hungarian: someone else taking a chance on the Topkapi/Tandoori Fusion/Rice Bowl spot in the Sex Shoppe plaza.

Extra BIA taxes and City bureaucrats make it tough for the small business entrepreneurs to survive.
Hope this isn’t seen as offensive by my many Catholic friends at Rick and Lida’s church.

Time for Rick to lawyer up. #RickToo #JimToo

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