Tristan Maack attack

Corrupt politicians duke it out in Bells Corners. Who will emerge victorious?

It’s a crime! The Bells Corners strip of tears claims victims on a daily basis.

Distracted drivers, poor design, corrupt politicians = spectacular collisions on a daily basis in Bells Corners.


Police are investigating Councillor Chiarelli. Many of his victims are spilling their guts.

So far four candidates are actively campaigning to replace Rick as College ward councillor, either in the 2022 elections or in a 2021 by-election if Chiarelli resigns or is jailed.

Four of them were at the 2020 Lynwood Village Community Association (LVCA) Annual General Meeting (AGM). There were 16 participants, many of them not even residents of Lynwood Village. Support from community associations (both real and fake) and wealthy patrons (especially large businesses that do business with the City) is key to winning power.

Consider that the LVCA pretends to speak and serve the 5000 residents who live within its boundaries. It plays a formal political role at city council and administers large amounts of public funds. Surely there should be some basic transparency?

Shouldn’t the rules about conflicts of interest be respected? Shouldn’t there be some oversight of how the money is spent?

The community building, the tennis courts and the outdoor rinks in Lynwood Park are, in theory, public facilities to be enjoyed by the entire community. The taxpayer foots the bill so why do so few residents have access? Why the secrecy? We need an audit.

Compared to other similar nearby communities (Leslie Park, Crystal Beach-Lakeview, etc.) the LVCA’s record under failed politicians Jean-Luc Cooke and Tristan Maack has been shameful: lots of Facebook spin but very little sizzle in the real world.

Cooke’s management of the outdoor rinks was woeful if you look at the data and not the self-serving spin on social media. The contracts were not respected and the taxpayer got hosed. Friends of LVCA insiders (subsidized yoga club, Bosnians, home daycare providers, tennis honchos, multilevel marketers, etc.) gained enormous financial advantage.

In reality the community association and the tennis club have been effectively privatized to serve the interests of a small group of insiders who are understandably quite happy with the status quo. Again, look at the data, not the spin.

This is why the LVCA and the shadowy bosses at the Lynwood Park Tennis Club (LPTC) oppose transparency and freedom of information, especially with respect to financial statements and the details of secret contracts signed with City bureaucrats.

Both Stoodley and Maack hope to get financial and logistical support from our crooked mayor and his well-oiled developer-funded machine.

Stoodley campaigned hard for the #WatsonClub in 2018 while Maack supported Watson insider Ryan Kennery’s vote-splitting efforts against Emilie Coyle.

Both Stoodley and Maack have wealthy financial backers, loads of campaign experience and marketable brands (lovable tv personality/recovering Facebook admin).

Stoodley has to be seen as the favourite. His wife worked for Chiarelli, giving him a leg up on Maack.

As a friend of Rick he might get access to the councillor’s detailed database of voters.

If small business owners and the taxpayer knew what was REALLY going on they would be revolted.

Vote here.

Bells Corners is being gentrified.

Affordable housing is VERY hard to find in Bells Corners.

Local politicians and Anglican honchos solving the housing crisis? The City of Ottawa’s waiting list for affordable housing (which stands at 12,000) will be reduced by 12 units.

Twelve units will be reserved for women transitioning from shelters and twelve lucky people will get below-market-value rent. The religious food bank gets a huge subsidy.

Around a dozen “places of worship” in Bells Corners (churches, mosques, temples, etc.) are exempt from City property taxes.

Many own large chunks of VERY valuable land.

Heritage Stinson family homestead – before “intensification.”

After – unaffordable infill housing near the Kimberly Apartments.

Affordable housing on Arnold (if you’re a multimillionaire).

Intensification in Bells Corners on Anwatin – before.


Mysterious skid of compressors in Todd’s plaza.

Appletree expanding?

Six-hour waits are common. Thanks, Doug and Lisa!

For those who can’t afford top-tier healthcare.

There are dozens of places to get your hair cut in Bells Corners. Lida’s favourite salon.

The BIA takes its cut out of every transaction – all Bells Corners small businesses must pay a special tax to finance Joe Varner’s posh office and six-figure salary.

Removing the heritage sign at the Bel-Air Motel with a hammer and chisel.

If the walls could talk…

Rooms for rent at the heritage motel and the posh Stillwater Creek retirement residence.

Protestors “visit” mayor’s house?

Outside the mayor’s house in Bay ward.

The Citizen’s editors blurred the online photo after a complaint from the mayor.

Do you blame these people for being so upset? Did they go too far by protesting in front of the mayor’s house?

The online photos were later unblurred.

Some buffoons want to demonstrate outside Rick’s place in Bells Corners but would that be fair and in good taste? Who would look after security?

Horizon Ottawa defends the most vulnerable and calls out crooked developer-funded politicians.

Vote here.

Bad news for Rick. But he still holds power.

Almost everybody (even at his Catholic church power base): Quit, Rick! Tout de suite!

The #WatsonClub will bury you, Rick! says Nikita Watson.

A humdinger of a meeting as Rick eavesdrops to learn his fate.

Resign! Whack! Slap!


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