selling the Bells Corners brand

I did my best to plug Bells Corners at the Citizens for Safe Cycling conference, since prominent journalists and powerful decision-makers were present. Eric and Charles, arguably Ottawa’s most popular and influential bloggers, were also there.
CfSC president Hans introduced Paul Dewar, the first presenter at the sold-out event. Whatever you think of the NDP, you have to admit that it’s the bike-friendliest political party. Here’s Jack giving a great biking speech.
I followed the (bike-unfriendly?) chair of Ottawa’s Transportation Committee. That’s the first Bells Corners slide projected on the Knoxdale-Merivale councillor.
Coun. Egli announced that there’s a good chance that a velodrome will soon be constructed somewhere in Nepean. Obviously Barrhaven wants it (Jan Harder just bought a bike!), and Rick will want to locate it near the Bells Corners skateboard park, but our new velodrome will probably be located in Knoxdale-Merivale ward.
Revolution Australia - Season 1 Revolution 2
CfSC events are quite popular.
Many of the participants arrived by bike at the Causeway Work Centre, located in livable Wellington West, near the Somerset bridge.
Homemade cookies were served.
Door prizes were amazing.
The NCC presentation was especially interesting. We won’t be getting any more bIXIs this year but the NCC has many other cycling-friendly projects that will continue in spite of its “dismemberment.”
I’d heard of the Pathway Patrol but I hadn’t realized how great they were.
We have GOT to get the Envirocentre people out to Bells Corners, in our schools or at a community Fun Day.
My favourite bike shop (after Recyclore and Frank Dinardo’s, of course) is
Peter, a CfSC and Recyclore volunteer, made the seat covers.
A former CfSC president who is now one of the City of Ottawa’s top planners gave the day’s most interesting presentation.
Cycling numbers are way up, but is there enough political will to take it to the next level?
An important council decision will soon be made, and many of our politicians are strong advocates of suburban sprawl and car-centric planning.
At least Rick’s not on it.
I praised Bells Corners to the rooftops, especially its strategic location surrounded by the Greenbelt.
We’re well connected to all parts of the city thanks to the NCC pathways.
We’re so lucky to have active transportation corridors on our doorstep – it should be central to our efforts to sell the Bells Corners brand, which might help generate more local economic activity and meaningful job creation.
But I didn’t sugarcoat it – we have four major weaknesses that need to be addressed.

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