Remembrance Day crash

This 80-year-old Bells Corners vet served in Vietnam.

A souvenir of Vietnam: Agent Orange damage.

Many tough assignments! But Vietnam was especially scary.

This 99-year-old vet survived brutal house-to-house fighting in Sicily.

Many Canadian soldiers died in Afghanada.

Frank Mellish had a special bond with Lakeview PS students.

Enjoying basic training and looking forward to deployment.

The Camerons have a base in Bells Corners.

Wreaths stored for next year’s ceremony at Centrepointe.

Poppy boxes put away for another year. Little sympathy for Don Cherry.

His dad fought for the Camerons.

This dapper vet arrived in style (parachute and bike-taxi).

These ladies are AMAZING!

Everyone welcome.

What a spread!

LOTS of leftovers after the bulk of the troops had left.

Local residents drop in to support the vets.

Someone said Scotty’s provided the pizzas.

A vet and his wife had a nasty surprise when they went to leave.


In Bells Corners Fields.

Camerons: Supporting the troops.
In Bells Corners fields 2017.

2017: A veteran falls.
Splendid weather.

2012: Smile, you’re on Candid Camera.

2011: Remembrance Day in Bells Corners.

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