Cumberland by-election

One more yes-woman joins the scoundrels in nasty Jim’s #WatsonClub.

Was it a fair election? Kitts was heavily financed by the development industry.

8708 votes, turnout = 24%

Without ranked-choice voting you have to spend big money to win.

It’s nearly impossible to defeat a developer-funded politician but Rawlson King succeeded in the Rideau-Rockcliffe by-election!

Dishonest #WatsonClub politicians and their wealthy backers want to buy your vote.

“I can’t be bought for only $31,300,” Kitts sputtered.

Kitts speaks for the 1% who put her in power.

Kitts was handpicked by Watson, Blais and the big red machine.

Blais is one of the WORST #WatsonClub cheaters. Lock him up.

Hope fake francophone Kitts gets the boot in her gerrymandered ward in 2022.

Horizon Ottawa and will be watching too.

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Corporate welfare bums. Mr. Rogers is NOT your friend.
Acorn survey. Only five candidates out of ten responded. Shame on Catherine and Pat.
L’ACFO survey. Only six candidates responded. Henry a manqué une belle occasion de se faire Valois.Ecology Ottawa debate. Shame on Catherine and Pat for ducking it.Ottawa Transit Riders survey. Only five candidates responded. Weak answers from Pat, Catherine.
Two more good reasons to NOT vote for disgraced City Hall insider Pat.Absolutely revolting. Zero means ZERO means zero?Why corrupt incumbent politicians don’t like ranked ballots and transparency. denisaug17
Denis exposes the real issues at stake. It’s NOT pretty.

Steve Blais deserves a failing grade, n’est-ce pas?
Who gets to join the club? Pandemic campaigning.

Nominated candidates:

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Bike Ottawa  survey results. Four candidates didn’t bother replying. Shame on Pat.

Not everyone has the welcome mat out for politicians going door to door.

Jon Willing weighs in. Part 2. So does Kate PorterPart 2. CTV makes a cursory effort.

The fix is in. Francophones and taxpayers are getting screwed. Fair elections please.

Cumberland ward is named for the Duke of Cumberland, a close friend of Peter Russell.

Can’t we do better?

Sadly, the outcome of this wasteful fake election is not in doubt.

Craig MacAulay: « La chose la plus importante, c’est la transparence. »

Will Denis Labrèche finish second? He’s the only rural Catholic francophone apart from Henry Valois. It’s still possible!

Pat will work for the 1% and his crooked bo$$.  Lyse-Pascale will slow traffic.

Yvette will fight inequality.

Will Patrick Uguccioni and Catherine Kitts split the #WatsonClub vote?

Who does Fred Sherwin support?
Will Jeff Leiper’s  candidate finish second to “vraie-francophone-pure-laine” Kitts?

Leiper backed the wrong horse in the Rideau-Rockcliffe by-election.

Yvette Ashiri une fière francophone.

Catherine Kitts tente sa chance à nouveau. Elle parle un lousy French.

Patrick Uguccioni et son conflit d’interêt.

Denis Labrèche veut défendre le français et la ruralité.

Denis Labrèche is president of the Carlsbad Springs Community Association, often a road to power for the politically ambitious.

The community association owns the radio station.

Looking forward to the minutes to see some data on finances and governance.

Carlsbad Springs is quickly becoming more diverse and hip.
Cumberland ward is expanding rapidly and the demographics are changing.

It’s becoming less francophone, Catholic, elderly and white.

Jim’s gerrymandering #WatsonClub plan for the 2022 election.

Yvette gets Horizon Ottawa’s endorsement after a murky selection process.

Catherine Kitts campaign website.

Denis Labrèche

Lyse-Pascale Inamuco campaign website.

Yvette Ashiri campaign website.

Patrick Uguccioni

Former cop Mark Scharfe wants to root out corruption at Ottawa City Hall. Bonne chance!
Bruce Faulkner at the Rideau-Rockcliffe by-election all-candidates debate.

Craig MacAulay


M. Stone: “How can someone who is not financially responsible with her own campaign be trusted as a potential councillor? During the 2018 election Kitts paid the late $500 filing fee pursuant to subsection 88.23(9) of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996. Can we trust someone on council who not follow rules and lacked financial responsibility in her own 2018 Orleans ward campaign?”

Catherine Kitts on CTV and Rogers.

Did Blais and Luloff win hearts and minds in Orleans and Cumberland?

Matt in Afghanada.

Pretty sad.

The best “man” for the job?

Lyse-Pascale at the Women’s March.

A fair election this is not.  Nor was this one.

Catherine Kitts en français.

Denis Labrèche makes his pitch.

Yvette Ashiri explains why she’s running. Does she have a chance? Doubtful with so much vote-splitting.

Patrick Uguccioni has a conflict of interest? Reddit disses Pat.

“progressive” = more likely to take action on equity issues/climate change (even if it means opposing the mayor);  more likely to make electoral reform (ranked ballots, limiting developer influence at City Hall) a priority

Fri. Aug. 21 at 2:00 p.m. is the deadline to drop in or drop out.