Lisa MacLeod’s Nepean homeless victory jig

Lisa Trump dances a victory jig after Doug Ford gets his split.

Watson versus Baird, part 2?

Lots more blue than the 2015 Nepean vote.

Retirement home residents have their own polling stations.

Nasty politics from social media bullies.

Conservative Facebook admin’s church gets a spiffy new sign.

One more reason for Erin to rejoice.

Too bad for James.

He was the best local candidate but was crushed by the Stop-Doug-Ford split vote.

The NDP won the student vote in Nepean.

Bell HS student vote.

Our Lady of Peace student vote.

Vote here for better schools.

Fair funding?

OC Transpo team scouting for good locations for new benches at bus stops.

A second bench will probably be installed at this police-takedown stop.

No shortage of plywood in Bells Corners:

On the Ridgefield Speedway.

Loblaws vandalized.

More plywood coming in the Sex Shoppe/McDo plaza.

Bus parked in the bike lane to nowhere.

Colonel Sanders drive-thru plywood.

In the Recovery strip mall where Local Heroes sits empty.

This homeless guy sleeps in a tent – he says he gets assaulted and robbed in the shelters.

Julien asked me to point out that the t-shirt is tongue-in-cheek.

“I’m trying to get it together as best I can. Let me tell you about my life.”

“It’s not easy struggling with mental health issues. Thanks and have a nice day.”

A Christian woman gave him some Dollarama razors so Julien crossed it off the list.

Hundreds more bike-taxi-passengers!

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1 Response to Lisa MacLeod’s Nepean homeless victory jig

  1. Tony! says:

    There’s another FB group for Bells Corners? What’s it called? Hard to believe it’s been a year since I’ve been on Tristan’s group, where my posting/pics of very damaged vehicle license plates went terribly wrong: private message threats, etc.

    Tony, it might not make you feel any better but many people have been censored and bullied on Tristan Maack’s group.

    Facebook is the devil!

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