Bells Corners sucker punch

Accused of sucker-punching a McDonald’s customer in line with his service dog.

Remorseful former boyfriend of Bells Corners shooting victim gets 13 years. The Crown had argued for a 15-year sentence.

At the co-operative nursery school fun day.

At the United Church.

Lots of cyclists.

These guys wanted a lift to the Bruce Pit.

New business where the Allspice Superstore used to be in the Westcliffe plaza.

Bells Corners crime

Football players near Bell Arena.

Entrance Pool open this weekend.

More bike-taxi dogs.

Bells Corners farms.

Ardeth pays a visit to Maple Hill.

Parkbridge bans window air conditioners in the trailer park.

Seven years of bike-taxi passengers.

Fresh water at the heritage Bel-Air.

Getting ready to grow some vegetables.

Everything, from buns to toilet paper, comes in one truck.

Same thing at Starbucks.

This guy delivers to three restaurants a day.

Not a great place to advertise.

Water main repair patched up.

Sold in a few days.

A sellers’ market?

Conditionally sold for asking price ($419,900).

Home prices in Bells Corners.

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1 Response to Bells Corners sucker punch

  1. Tony! says:

    Yeah, we’ve been told to remove window air conditioners in Bellwood. Who the hell sits there and thinks this stuff up? It’d almost be laughable, if it weren’t so petty and sad.

    A lot of seniors in here need A/C and not every mobile home can take a central air unit. I counted a good 60+ A/C’s in windows in the park yesterday in a rough quick count. I’m sure this will blow over in a couple of weeks, and I seriously doubt anyone will be removing them.

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