Simpsons neighbourhoods

Hi neighbour!

Apu is NOT funny!

Lisa Macleod is campaigning hard on the taxpayer’s dime in a desperate bid to hold on to her seat in the upcoming provincial election in the new rejigged riding of Nepean, where Conservative rural votes count less and Barrhaven votes count more.

With the new boundaries in place Chandra Arya easily defeated Pierre Poilievre’s protégé Andy Wang in the federal election.

Arya’s well-funded campaign team is ready to take Lisa down next June.

MacLeod faces a formidable foe in Lovina.

Looks like curtains for Lisa.

Poor Bob Chiarelli almost got trampled by the excited throngs.

Put me down as undecided.

FreshCo to Lynwood Manor via a free bike-taxi.

Free bike-taxi passengers in the forlorn Westcliffe plaza.

Free fun ride from Tim Horton’s to the Eileen Tallman coop.

Gent from the Lynwood Park retirement community shopping at Shopper’s.

Most Bells Corners residents drive to work.

Constant fare hikes are hurting OC Transpo ridership.

Rides are down 6.8% since 2011, even as population has increased.

Population density in Bells Corners is down too.

Bells Corners will miss out on the next expansion of light rail.

Poverty in Bells Corners.

Home ownership in Bells Corners.

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