parking lot party

Parking lot party at the Bells Corners FreshCo.

Funded by Lisa MacLeod’s hubby Joe Varner, some of Rick’s business buddies at the shady BIA and other secretive political heavyweights.

Best parking lot party since the Hoopla! Lisa MacLeod and hubby Joe lurked in the shadows. Both gave Tristan the cold shoulder. Can you blame them?

Two little mermaids with Jacques. Everyone ignored Rick and his entourage.

The belle in Bells Corners.

Retirement community residents in the thrift stores plaza.

Friday is market day at the Bells Corners mosque.

Bells Corners bike-taxi

Tourists from Jordan.

No tipping allowed.

Bells Corners bike-taxi on the Hill.

BC bike-taxi at Britannia Beach.

Tasty lawn near Williams Park.

Infill on Kimberley vexes neighbour.

Public property torn up and water cut off for 5 days.

Property line clearly visible.

Rick and Jean-Luc’s swollen balls near the privatized tennis club.

Campaign insider predicts that Liberal Chandra Arya will have his hands full in the October election.

Musical chairs cars.

Out of the Box Cards
, payday loan.

Moodie at Lynwood Manor.

Missing trees: clearcutting under the Hydro lines.

Many residents losing trees from “their” backyards.



At Entrance Pool.

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