if it bleeds it leads

Not much blood on the pavement today, but lots of grief. What’s the most dangerous spot in Bells Corners?
The Ridgefield Speedway?
Near any one of our four Tim Hortons?
First came the boom, then came the bust.
After today’s tragic accident I’d like to nominate one of the TWO Moodie/Old Richmond intersections.
Here are the sad remnants of today’s life-changing event. There’s also a lot of glass on the road and the sidewalk, so cyclists and little kids, beware!
A reddish substance on the pavement tasted like transmission fluid, and the lady who was first on the scene told me that the badly-injured “45ish-year-old ordinary-looking gent” didn’t seem to be bleeding. He MUST have been in shock though and he was obviously in a great deal of pain.
He was, like the bus, turning left on Moodie in front of the United Church, heading for Hunt Club. Probably he should have waited a bit longer to make his turn, but I’m NOT blaming him – we all know what a sorry-assed intersection this is. Several residents told me that screeches, blaring horns and near-misses are daily occurrences. While chatting we witnessed several other close calls, even if it wasn’t rush hour and traffic was fairly light.
You’ll have to imagine the BIG truck heading north on Moodie at around 11 a.m. this morning – it had been towed by the time I got there. It was big, but not THIS big – more like an oversized SUV.
The speed limit is 80 km/h further south but it “slows” to 60 km/h as you approach the accident scene. The “25ish-year-old clean-cut” truck driver appeared unhurt, but he must have been in shock too. According to the eyewitness he made all the right moves: without even a speck of road rage he checked on the car-driver to see if he could help, immediately called 911 and then tried to secure the scene. I hope he’s okay physically and mentally – the eyewitness said it WASN’T his fault and that he was pretty worried about the boss’s truck (but MOSTLY concerned about the guy stuck in the Mazda, of course).
photo too gruesome to post
The truck had plowed right into the driver-side door – the eyewitness told me that at the very least the gent’s left hip was crushed. She gave the poor guy (whom she recognized!) a pillow and tried to comfort him. The paramedics were the first to arrive, followed by the fire trucks, the police, the City guys and assorted rubberneckers. No sign of Doug Hempstead or any other “ambulance chaser” except me. Around noon Moodie was reopened to traffic
Again, I’M NOT assigning blame here – who among us hasn’t had a moment of inattention or pulled a dumb move while at the wheel or the handlebars? And this intersection was (and is) an accident waiting to happen. But what should be done (if anything)?
Traffic lights? Too expensive and ineffective. More stop signs? Puh-lease. Speed humps to slow down traffic on Moodie and maybe more signage? Could work and relatively inexpensive.
But the best and cheapest solution is for EVERYONE to SLOW DOWN and PAY ATTENTION – crap like this doesn’t HAVE to happen. But it will. And you or I could be the next victim.
And please don’t blame the pedestrians who cross Moodie by the church illegally – do you REALLY expect them to walk all the way down to Tyrrell or up to the mosque to cross with the lights? It just won’t happen, even if we tripled the fines and hid police in the bushes to snare them. Jaywalking is “safe” in Bells Corners (NOT that I’m recommending it!) as long as you’re good at estimating vehicle speeds and fleet of foot.
Thanks to Rick for the tip. Not the “bad Rick” or the “good Rick” – you know who I mean, one of the Ricks on Bells Corners Rocks!

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