more craziness at dangerous intersection

One of Bells Corners’ most dangerous intersections has claimed a few more victims.
A spectacular crash near Frank Dinardo’s and the future Gow’s condos knocked down a sleek silver pole, heavily damaged three vehicles (a pickup, a brand new mid-sized Ford, and a fire truck), sent people to the hospital for physical and psychological damage, tied up traffic at the height of rush hour, and cost the taxpayer a bundle.
Rubberneckers were of mixed opinion.
Some fingered the car driver; others wondered if the pickup driver was at fault. No one blamed our heroic firefighters – they were stationary, waiting for the light in order to turn left on Richmond-Robertson from the world’s stupidest intersection.
You have a moment of distraction and crash into someone? Firefighters aren’t your worst choice – they’re already on the scene, so there’s no need to call them.
They had to rip open the hood of the “totalled” Ford to shut off the horn – its rhythmic honking added to the chaos at the scene.
A policewoman told me that, based on the eyewitness accounts that she had gathered, the collision shouldn’t have happened – either the car or the pickup DIDN’T have the right of way. A quick-but-rash decision led to disaster.
But that’s just a preliminary conclusion – now it’s up to the lawyers, the adjusters and the bean counters to decide who pays what.
Asked to comment, our local councillor promised to get City staff to study the advantages of a car-centric solution – add more turning lanes to the Jan Harder/Jim Sourges/Frank Dinardo dog’s-breakfast intersection.
Hope we can make this crazy place safer before someone is killed.

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5 Responses to more craziness at dangerous intersection

  1. Sue says:

    Add to that –> Drivers rushing to get to the Beer Store one way and LCBO the other, some already half in the bag… and you get the picture.

  2. margaret says:

    I try and avoid that connector if I can …

    the alignment of left turn/straight ahead to Metro is so bad !
    and the part where Northside going towards Cassidy wondering if those coming off Robertson know they have right of way or not and everyone waits ….

    NEVER should’ve allowed this configuration

  3. Dave Mc says:

    It looks like the pick-up was going straight through the intersection and the Ford pulled out from the mall side and got creamed. Then the pick-up swerved to the right and whacked the fire truck.
    Guaranteed one of them went through a red (I’m betting the pick-up was rushing the yellow). That’s why an eyewitness is crucial – otherwise they’ll just blame the other.
    Firemen – they are SO good at their job! Professional to the end and the best first responders you can have.

  4. TonyL1 says:

    While I didn’t see the accident, I knew something was up – I heard the sirens etc. All day a hydro crew was working on the traffic lights at Moodie & Robertson with police directing traffic.

    Traffic was very heavy – a hint of things to come, when they start tearing that intersection up. Things were so bad that cars were gridlocked in the intersection in front of the Dairy Queen/Bell Mews.

    I witnessed frustrated pedestrians who tried to cross but couldn’t.

    Horns, aggressiveness drivers trying to poke their way into the mess with nowhere to go – it’s not going to be a pretty summer!

  5. ottawaowl says:

    Just what we needed in Bells Corners – yet another oil spill!

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