more giveaways, Bells Corners BIA blasted

Free bike lights distributed in Bells Corners by BikeOttawa volunteers.

Free rides at Robertson House.

Jovial DrewzChewsFoodTruck customer has questions about the Bells Corners BIA.

One example of how most small business owners in Bells Corners are getting scammed by Joe and Rick: the BIA “Business Directory” lists 13 salon/hair/esthetics businesses that pay the extra BIA tax (often hidden in their monthly rent to the landlord). But many of the listed businesses moved out of Bells Corners a long time ago while numerous other new businesses aren’t even listed!

Even her conservative friends are turning on Lisa MacLeod’s buddy Jan Harder!

Corrupt politicians face electoral defeat for bad behaviour.

Shame on the “Queens of Barrhaven.”

Kimberley Drive semi-affordable apartments across from Scotty’s.

Lynwood Village lawn.

Days Inn faces stiff competition.

Rick’s traffic-calming boondoggle.

Sidewalk rehab on the Ridgefield speedway.

Sidewalk to nowhere.

On the Moodie speedway “bike lane.”

Summer job fighting mosquitoes for the City.

Fighting mosquitoes by spraying your entire property for $699 plus tax.

Repainting the lines at the Esso/Circle-K.

A great place to watch the game.

Loblaws garden centre’s advice.

Community volunteers planted many of the trees and bushes in Lynwood Park.

Affordable church housing?

Stunning art in the lobby at the new Hyatt.

Lynwood Park “public” tennis courts.

Bike Ottawa volunteers give out free bike lights at Britannia Beach and in Bells Corners.

Crystal Beach-Lakeview resident with free white lights on the front, red on the back.

Kichesippi Brewery a favourite spot for cyclists.

Pandemic restrictions but at least the Entrance Pool is open!

Sidewalk cycling on the Bells Corners strip.

Bells Corners to Rideau Hall in 7 minutes

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