cutting off connections: “we’re stunned”

No safe way to cross the Queensway. Community association stunned.

1970s on the Bells Corners strip before the Burger King abdicated.

Same spot in 2021: 417 west closed for light rail storage and maintenance construction.

Bike lights and bells not considered essential for safe cycling. Shortage of bikes and parts.

Binh-go back after being booted by Tesla.

Joyce at Stillwater.

Cleaning up in the Sex Shop plaza.

Basketball/tennis courts still closed.

Intensification coming. Ground-oriented affordable housing for lower-income renters?

Big lots = big potential for intensification. Before on Anwatin.

After on Anwatin.

Propping up the supply of affordable housing?

Fighting poverty?

New pandemic business in the FreshCo plaza.

Upgrading our leaky water pipes near “Suzi-Q” (sic).

Ten years of free rides.

Coyotes help cut down on goose poop at Andrew Haydon?

Skyrocketing home prices in Bells Corners.

Listed at $649,000!

Renovated basic Bill Teron bungalow from the 60s.

Tyler takes on Lisa and Joe.

A concrete wall will replace the cedar hedge.

Removal of mature trees and hedges for new Hydro Ottawa station.

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