battleground Bells Corners


Bells Corners teachers walk the picket line in 2012.

School boards compete aggressively for students. More enrolments = more money/jobs.

Competing school boards waste a lot of money on ad campaigns, bussing and duplication of bureaucrats. Vote here.

Maack gets shamed again on social media for trying to excuse Rick’s sleazy behaviour.

OMG! Someone on the WECA board who believes in transparency, accountability and inclusiveness. Rick, Bill, Terrilyn, Tristan and Lida must be gnashing their teeth.

NOT the same guy. That’s another JP Pelchat!

Flash and express food at the Bells Corners Loblaws.

Zellers ghost almost gone. What’s next?

Affordable housing? Sustainable development? Public space?

Guess again.

I predict that the Galen Weston family will get a huge subsidy from the taxpayer thanks to corrupt municipal politicians (Chiarelli, Watson, etc.).

The end result will be more retail and condos for the affluent and massive profits for the developers.

Parkbridge Inc. will get an offer they can’t refuse and the affordable housing and greenspace in the mobile home community will disappear.

As usual, some outdoor rinks have had THOUSANDS of skaters since Christmas (Lakeview, Westcliffe) while others (Lynwood) have been closed until quite recently.

Are outdoor rinks run by volunteers? How much are they paid? Surprising answer.

Ice kings: Al Arseneault, Doug Sample, Allan Hawley, Bernie Gold, John Francis

Homeless in Bells Corners.

People who can’t afford to rent a room. A thorny problem.
Tale of two Todds.

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