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The bike-taxi is made out of recycled bicycles, steel, wood (including a couple of hockey sticks), foam, snowmobile vinyl, carpenters’ tacks, a universal joint manufactured in Ohio, tennis balls and several hundred nuts, bolts and assorted thingamajigs.

In eleven years of service the bike-taxi has given countless rides to everyone from homeless vets to the biggest celebrities and the most powerful politicians.

most recent passengers:

bike-taxi passengers 2011-2021 (THOUSANDS of photos, slow to load) 

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After retiring I volunteered at Eric’s west-Ottawa bike-coop non-profit (modelled on and

Donated and broken bicycles destined for the landfill were repaired by volunteer mechanics and donated or sold at rock-bottom prices to low-income residents.

Free bike-share initiatives were supported.

Parts stripped from unfixable bikes were sold for a pittance. Cyclists who wanted to fix their own bikes had access to hands-on instruction from volunteer mechanics.

The most talented volunteer was Mike, who had about 25 AMAZING home-made bikes stored in his backyard. I told him that my hobbled mother really missed walking the neighbourhood and Mike volunteered to construct something for her as long as I financed the cost of materials and welding (estimated to be C$500). It took a year but came in on-time on-budget (unlike Ottawa’s LRT) and far exceeded anyone’s expectations.

Mike2 made some major improvements to the bike-taxi: a new universal joint, etc.

some recent passengers: