jaywalking riflemen and coyotes

Jaywalkers are a common sight everywhere on the Bells Corners strip.

Pedestrian safety is NOT a priority when the car is king and Rick Chiarelli rules the roost.

This British rifleman is staying at the Best Western.

Britalia is being gutted and renovated top to bottom. The grand opening of the new sports bar is slated for September. Too bad about Fitz’s and the Delicious-no-more steakhouse.

The psycho fair is a Bells Corners tradition.

Moodie light rail station meeting at the Nepean Sailing Club, Mon. Aug. 21.

Crystal Beach residents have spoken and politician Mark Taylor is throwing his weight around.

But does the mayor agree with spending $50,000,000 more to build the huge train storage and maintenance facility on the Maple Hill Urban Farm Greenbelt land near Bells Corners?

Or $20,000,000 more to put it on Wesley Clover NCC land?

The horses and Shania Twain won’t like that!

Bread and circuses at the Entrance Pool, sponsored by the fake community association, the corrupt councillor and the Facebook bully.

Did you know that a famous gentleman robber has lived in a Lynwood Village split-level for 57 years?

Jaywalking Law-abiding coyote crosses Moodie to grab a snack.

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5 Responses to jaywalking riflemen and coyotes

  1. Michael says:

    I don’t get it: the caption says “Bread and circuses at the Entrance Pool”, but the video is from 7 years ago and doesn’t appear to have anything to do with Entrance Pool.

    – The video is an example of what a community association Fun Day can look like. Still bread and circuses, but a lot more authentic than Tristan Maack’s “private Facebook community day” at the outdoor pool. He managed to get “sponsorships” from Rick Chiarelli, Joe Varner and Jean-Luc Cooke, so admission is free and there will be free junk food and swag.

    In Bells Corners we don’t have real community associations so we don’t have real “community days” like other neighbourhoods.

    Chiarelli likes to organize his own events, not sponsor a rival’s, so it was interesting to see how Maack gave Chiarelli no choice but to kick in some funds, even pay for Maack’s mic to use as his bully pulpit. Rick knows that Tristan is gunning for him for councillor next year so expect him to get even. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lisa MacLeod shows up too to campaign and hypocritically support her friends at the shady Christian food bank.

  2. Lenny says:

    If only someone would run against Rick who actually had a full load of bricks. That lets out Tristan. He has ZERO chance of ever beating Rick. He’d do even worse than Guy!

    – Hard to do worse than Guy.

  3. CBLCA says:

    Moodie LRT Station Connectivity Workshop – this Monday

    The city will be holding a connectivity workshop on August 21 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Nepean Sailing Club (3259 Carling Avenue) to gather feedback regarding pedestrian and cyclist access to the future Moodie LRT station (see attached flyer).

    Unfortunately the notice seems to imply that they have already decided that the station will be located on the east side of Moodie Dr. The station per se is not a problem but the large real estate needed and the traffic caused by the bus/train interchange will be very disruptive to the community. Assurances that OC Transpo will not run empty buses down Corkstown Rd are without any guarantees or sign in by OC Transpo. The proposed kiss & ride will cause extra traffic past Lakeview School.

    If you are a cyclist or pedestrian who goes to Bells Corners, ask what they plan to do about safety on the Moodie Dr bridge over the 417. This was addressed in the 2012 EA for the bus rapid transitway (which is almost finished) but never implemented. A segregated multi-use pathway had been proposed.

  4. jon willing says:

    An Ottawa Citizen journalist weighs in.

  5. jill says:

    Bells Corners residents are a only a few km from the Moodie LRT station, so it would be nice if we could cycle there. But there won’t be a safe way to cross the Queensway on a bike so we’ll end up taking our cars or *shudder* OC Non-Transpo.

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