help! (Dairy Queen unmelts)

After a LONG time without, Bells Corners is getting a Brownie unit again!

Guiding is an important programme for girls, and a unit leader with 14 years of experience named Dee is making it happen in Bells Corners. A Brownie group (girls aged 7-8) will have its inaugural meeting at the Westcliffe community building, Mon. Sept. 17, 6:00-7:30 p.m.

BUT it won’t happen unless a second leader steps forward to help Dee – the organization’s rules spells out the ratio of girls to adults and it won’t be met unless one more person helps out.

No experience is necessary and you don’t have to be a mom – just email Dee or phone her at 613 288-4990 if you want more info or if you know of any girls who might want to join. (Dee gave me permission to post her coordinates here.)

The new 4th Bells Corners Brownies unit is part of Girl Guides of Canada, a 102-year-old not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing guidance, programming, skills, camping and more to Canadian girls and women.

Within the Girl Guides of Canada, there are Sparks (ages 5-6, no unit in Bells Corners), Brownies (ages 7-8), Guides (ages 9-11, no unit in Bells Corners) and Pathfinders (there is a unit in Bells Corners at the Lynwood community building).

The Dairy Queen rises from the ashes! No, it won’t be moving back to its original location on the site now occupied by the Emmanuel Alliance Church.

You’ve heard the rumours about a Swiss Chalet occupying the space across from Starfries? Forget it!

Since the Stillwater Creek Retirement Residence owns the church many thought that they would buy the dilapidated Dairy Queen and Timmys buildings and expand their lucrative business.

But the truth is that the Dairy Queen will be opening up again after extensive renovations! The lease hasn’t been signed yet but it’s all but a done deal. The new boss already has Dairy Queens in Kanata and Barrhaven, so look for a more tightly run ship.


Somebody knocked over the wooden fence at the Stinson entrance to Hillside Park Donoghue Memorial Park.

I’m still not getting home delivery of the EMC (there’s almost no Bells Corners news but Nevil Hunt and Laura Mueller are good journalists) but a mountain of junk mail has started arriving on my doorstep. When I saw the guy I said I didn’t want it, but it’s still coming – how do I turn off the tap?

This mystery trophy has appeared in Lynwood Park. Looks like someone’s been partying after curfew, but compared to other summers, it’s been fairly quiet apart from a few acts of outrageous vandalism.

Had your bike ripped off? This abandoned Supercycle was spotted yesterday, and I heard of at least one other stolen bicycle this week.

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10 Responses to help! (Dairy Queen unmelts)

  1. wanderer says:

    Glad to hear about DQ – where will it reopen? Who knew that the Stillwater Residence owned the DQ property – Timmy’s too?

    Lynwood Park has been quiet, as you say, outside of the few incidents. We back onto the park and notice things.

    Stillwater doesn’t own the DQ property or the Timmy’s property, just the adjacent former Salvation Army building. Or so I’ve been told by reliable sources. If this info is not correct email me and I’ll be glad to publish a correction – the facts rule on this blog (unlike my competitors’ blogs) πŸ™‚

    The DQ will reopen in the same place. Maybe two months from now?

    That’s how long it’ll take to do the indoor renovations and fix the pothole-filled wasteland behind the Timmy’s/Dairy Queen (where Larry offered Terry the bribe).

    It’s more complicated than that so I may have to publish a correction, but I’m 95% certain that my info is reliable.

    Info is so hard to come by in Bells Corners. Only Rick knows for sure and he ain’t talking.

  2. margaret says:

    EMC delivery … contact them – I did via FreshCo as their flyer is in that – and now I get 2 a week πŸ™‚ told them about that too, so maybe next week I won’t get one at all … who knows

    don’t know why I want to read it – it’s never anything about BC not even a city column that relates to us – surely BC isn’t THAT dead yet that nothing is happening

    – I like reading the EMC. It’s easy to point out its shortcomings but it has a few good journalists who cover stories that are totally ignored by the bigger media.

    The Bells Corners coverage is very weak and always Rick-friendly, but the EMC still has some ethical journalists who can’t be bought.

  3. reidjr says:

    Does anyone know whats going on with the Second Cup?

    RioCan owns the site and the buildings (which includes Local Heroes). Presumably they’re looking for a tenant but I don’t imagine they care too much if it stays abandoned – their pockets are so deep that even Rick and Jim bow down to them.

  4. margaret says:

    just re-read the Guides section …
    it is really amazing that there is nothing in guiding here in BC
    suppose the girls are joining the scouting movement

    heard of one case recently re guiding ….
    mother offered to be a leader … great – hired on the spot
    but daughter doesn’t turn 5 until January
    can’t join until then ….
    reduced rate – no – it was at full registration cost
    now you’d think they’d be only too happy to have a parent willing to lead and bend the rules a bit
    maybe mother should come to BC and start a sparks group here

    – I like the Guides’ ideals and when I was managing the Lynwood Park community building they got a special deal on rent – virtually free! The City bureaucrats didn’t like that.

    I wonder how much the WECA charges them.

    • margaret says:

      I remember when the schools started charging rental and the only places that were free were the churches … that was a few years ago – so no idea how much is charged

      I do however feel that city-owned buidings should be free for this sort of thing – think it was in Nepean’s day – as long as the group itself carries good insurance

      also in Nepean’s day it was at the discretion of the community too – it wasn’t a cash cow for the city coffers but that of the community …

      so hope it’s free at Westcliffe

      – When I became president of the LVCA and building manager at Lynwood the default position was that everybody got it for free, unless there was some special reason to charge them. Don’t believe the BS that a community association needs the money in order to offer services to the community.

      The feeling on the LVCA board (before Rick’s buddies carried out the coup and appointed a new executive) was that having the building sitting empty almost all the time made no sense. It had become too much of a “hang-out” for “undesirable elements” and bad things followed (very expensive vandalism, litter, assaults, broken glass, drug-dealing, kids having sex on the roof, etc.). So it was seen as a good thing to have more people in the building and therefore more eyes in the park.

      A steady stream of regular people took advantage of the free space, for birthday parties, showers, anniversaries, family reunions, clinics for soccer referees, low-income social groups, etc. etc.

      This cost the taxpayer NOTHING, since I did all the voluminous paperwork that the city bureaucrats wanted. I looked after security, cleaned up after the few people who didn’t do it themselves and made sure that public property was respected. So there were no extra costs to the taxpayer apart from the lights being turned on more often (the city pays the utilities) and maybe some extra costs for toilet paper, etc.

      I’m not against the user-pay principle, but in this case there was nothing to pay!

      The slack freelance cleaners hired by the city come once a week no matter what, and I made sure that there was no extra work for them. So the only significant costs to pay are the generous salaries of “managers” like Fremp who don’t add any value that I can see.

      The contract with the Guides was an exception – originally they got it for free, but then someone pointed out that getting it gratis did nothing to help guiding in the local community – the registration fees for girls remained the same no matter how much the LVCA charged, since Guiding headquarters in Toronto footed the bill.

      If I remember correctly (all the details were documented and available on the former LVCA website until Rick and Doug called it a “hate blog” and got it shut down) they were charged a lump sum of $250 a year – way below what the city wants all groups to pay ($30 an hour?).

      The current default position of the LVCA is to charge for use of the building unless an exception is made. Anyone who had free rent before the new executive was appointed by the city was “grandfathered” and still gets free rent, even if they’re not non-profit groups.

      This is a convenient policy for the people who occupy the key positions on the current executive – they can run their business without paying – but it’s fundamentally a conflict of interest.

      I don’t believe that their group should be charged, but there should be transparency and fairness for all.

      • margaret says:

        I have no problem with charging for private events like birthday parties, etc or business-type meetings that charge memberships – they’d have to pay to use the Legion or somewhere like that – and it’s not just lighting, it’s heating, water etc too … but for non-profit community run meetings/events like guides/scouts/fun days/ etc then it should be free

        it also bothered me when they started charging for the use of the park land too for community soccer etc … no problem with a charge when it is for a ‘competitive/structured’ club use and could never understand the difference with the city PAYING to provide ice rinks in the winter yet not allowing the same community to have FREE land space in the summer

  5. wookie says:

    Great to hear the DQ is re-opening!

    If you don’t want your bike to be stolen – put it in the garage, and don’t leave it lying around where everyone can see it.

    Get a Kryptonite or some other tungsten-based lock, and use it!

    Where I live I see stolen and abandoned bikes everywhere.

    If you don’t secure it properly – you lose!

  6. ottawaowl says:

    Brownie troops hit Bells Corners

    Jennifer McIntosh, EMC

    The first Brownie troop in Bells Corners in more than a decade sells cookies door to door on Oct. 1. The group meets Mondays from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Westcliffe community building on Seyton Drive.

    Dee Campbell may be new to Bells Corners but she’s already shaking things up.

    The former Glebite has taken her love of guiding to her new community and started a Brownie troop. The area hasn’t had a Brownie troop in more than two decades.

    The kids went door to door on Oct. 1 selling cookies – the group’s biggest fundraiser.

    “The girls had so much fun,” Campbell said. “They wanted to stay out all night. You could hear them giggling down the block.”

    Right now there are only four girls in the group for girls aged seven and eight.

    “We would love more girls, that way we can do a full camp-out rather than just in someone’s yard,” Campbell said.

    Right now the group has two leaders, but Campbell said they need one more to maintain ratios.

    “We are looking for someone who is very keen, hopefully with some experience in guiding,” Campbell said, adding that since she is new to the area, having Bells Corners natives in the troop could be a benefit.

    “They would have more ideas about what we can do locally,” she said.

    For now, the girls meet once a week to do crafts. They will also be seeing the Les Petit Ballets’ rendition of Snow White later in the year and appear on a float in the Barrhaven Santa Claus Parade.

    Campbell, who has been involved in guiding since she was a child, said the activities are really centred on being a girl.

    “There are some girls who are doing scouts in the neighbourhood because there has been no brownie troop for such a long time,” she said. “But it’s about kindness and giving of themselves and the community. It’s bigger than just babysitting.”

    Those interested in signing up their kids or volunteering as a leader can email

  7. Kong says:

    I’m delighted to hear that the DQ is coming back!

    It’s best to keep your bikes in the garage at night, as the low-life scum prowl backyards at night, and will steal bikes from right from under your nose.

    Sometimes, they take both the lock and the bike and cut the lock at some other location!

  8. TonyL1 says:

    It’s good that the the Dairy Queen is being revamped but somebody please tell me that those aren’t the final colours on it? Beige, dark brown and orange? It almost looks like an A&W?

    Also,the Dairy Queen on St. Laurent Blvd. just recently lost its original 1958 vintage sign, against the wishes of the owner. It ended up in the dump.

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