bellscorners crash

Tragic accidents are a daily occurence on the Bells Corners strip and Old Richmond Road.

Help arrived quickly at this dangerous intersection.

Exit and entrance ramps will be closed or altered for significant periods of time.

Back to school blues.

Leaning tower of snowman.

On his last legs?

Pandemic panic pickup. If the Canadian Tire still sold food like it used to it could stay open like Giant Tiger and Walmart.

This HPVOoO guy skied in to pick up his vehicle and used the bike rack as a bench.

Cross country skiing on the Ottawa West Winter Trail.

Free groomed trails near Wesley Clover Park.

Cross country skiing with the coyotes in the Bell Forest.

NCC trail near Timm Drive.

Trans Canada trail at Kichesippi.

At the Ottawa West Winter Trail trailhead near Wesley Clover.

DON’T stay home. Get outside and exercise. Maybe some pandemic skating?

Shovelling the snow out of the basement at the Anglican church’s new development. The City of Ottawa’s waiting list for affordable housing (which stands at 12,000) will be reduced by 12 units.

Twelve units will be reserved for women transitioning from shelters and twelve lucky people will get below-market-value rent. The religious food bank gets a huge subsidy.

Cleaning up our dirty strip with tax breaks from crooked politicians.

Lynwood Lodge organized a drive-by parade to cheer up residents.

Entrance Pool not open yet.

Snowman salutes seniors at Revera’s other Bells Corners location.

Grant, the new president of the Lynwood Village Community Association, rolled up his sleeves and got it done with unpaid volunteers!

So the rink grant money from the taxpayer can be spent on community projects!

Allan for president! Time for transparency and accountability.

Will the mayor’s street get special treatment?

The mayor cried foul and the photos were briefly censored.

Wish we had fair elections so this wouldn’t be necessary.

Playing politics with traffic calming: Chiarelli thumbs his nose at the taxpayer by installing a speed display board on his own street!

A world-renowned traffic safety expert is outraged by the councillor’s corruption.

Clear sailing for car drivers, tough slogging for pedestrians.

Bells Corners has many great garages.

Makes sense in these pandemic times.

Underground trash/recycling bins in the Starbucks plaza.

BIG mi$take?

Follow the money.

Valentine’s at Loblaws.

Snowperson with yellow socks keeps his cool.

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