woolly bullies

These chip wagon enthusiasts drove all the way from Hunt Club/Uplands just for Bells Corners fries!

I kid you not! Unlike Tristan, I do not shill for StarFries (or for any other business or politician) in the hope of being rewarded.

Shills Tristan Maack and Erin Coffin have been showered with secret gifts from local businesses and politicians in return for sly Facebook plug$.

If you don’t believe me just ask Tristan and then watch his body language if he denies it.

New concrete is poured for the vandalized Alex Lewis Conservative gateway sign.

The repair job hardly shows.

Spot the mistake?

Pork-barreling at its oinkiest.

Bike lane in front of the Hooters Tim Horton’s.

The smooth asphalt is great for speeding but there will be even more horrible crashes than usual until they paint some lines.

Hockey at the Cock and Bull.

Violent crook at the ScotiaBank near the Harvey’s Horror.

It’s been robbed multiple times, maybe by councillor Tony?

Or maybe one of these guys?

Not this guy, he’s temporarily in the slammer. I have more sympathy for him than for corrupt Bells Corners politicians.

At least Mr. H. is honest about his dishonesty. And who knows what traumatic childhood events led to his pursuit of an alternate lifestyle?

Update on the tax grab renovations near Joe Varner’s secret office.

The rusted pillars have been replaced so there’s no possibility of the roof collapsing.

They’ll be covered with a tasteful brick/stucco veneer. The new location of the LED signs means more natural light in the shops.

All proceeds to the Ottawa Canoe Club. In the Sex Shoppe mall next to the McDo where the guy got stabbed for his phone.

Sponsored by Capital Beauty (not to be confused with Sara Beauty).

Lisa’s campaigning hard with public funds. In her scandalous leaked email she claims to be in for a tough battle in the “urban” Nepean riding. Fat chance!

Her Green Party opponent taught Lisa’s daughter.

The NDP doesn’t have a candidate and few prospects of attracting anyone electable.

They’re hoping the excitement of a new leader will stir some interest.

The Liberals will probably run Jack Uppal again.

Good luck with that against such a formidable foe.

The view from Bells Corners’ only rooftop patio. Lynwood Lodge and Entrance Pool.

Patrick Brown’s Conservative slogan is “I’m all in.”

Conservatives must ask themselves: “Would a Liberal Kathleen Wynne government (hopefully just a minority) be BETTER than a Patrick Brown Conservative government?”

Not a rickshaw, a bike-taxi.

First class bike mechanics offer an affordable and reliable alternative to Dinardo’s and Canadian Tire.

Free rides with a crazed clown?

The next mayor of Ottawa? Reliable sources predict that Jim Trump will get a plum Justin federal appointment, throwing the race for mayor wide open.

I know that Watson announced that he was going to run again but he HAS to do that or he’d be a lame duck.

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