sign wars in Bells Corners

Liberals and Conservatives duke it out on the Bells Corners strip.

The Liberal has a 96% chance of winning.

It’s all over but the crying for Brian St. Louis.

Best sign wars since 2014.

Home delivery of last-minute pitches from Chandra and Zaff.

Will Bellwood vote?

New #ResignRick billboard at the McDonald’s.

Will councillors coddle Rick with their Oct. 23 vote?

Free dental care for everyone!

Luring gullible voters/shoppers.

At the Bells Corners mosque.

Few Conservative voters here. Will St. Louis get even fewer votes than Andy Wang?

Karen McCrimmon sign in Bells Corners. Will the strategic vote make the difference?

A few tight races. Some too close to call.

Vote here.

Jumping the gun at the Best Western?

Mini garbage truck in Lynwood Village.

Fifth birthday celebration. Three gas-guzzlers with huge Zellers signs on the roof.

Undecided voters at Kichesippi.

Election results on the big-screen tv on Monday evening.

Rust never sleeps at Bells Corner (sic) Auto.

Shoppers in Bells Corners tend to be female and skinny with high heels.

Todd and Leo at the Metro.

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1 Response to sign wars in Bells Corners

  1. BC resident says:

    Wish they would ban election signs. Just a nuisance everywhere. Blocking some views for cars on Robertson Rd.

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