strip tease

Some VERY long waits for the bus on the Bells Corners strip.

NOT a kooky idea!

Stillwater Creek Retirement Community in Bells Corners.

Centennial Library.

Days Inn.

Pizza Hut.

East Side Mario.

Giant Tiger.

Freedom fans will be voting Rick?

Truth in advertising at Todd’s FreshCo?

Yet another mysterious incident at the Bells Corners Liquor Control Board of Ontario.

Stained Glass Stuff in Jay’s Westcliffe Plaza.

Is Laine Johnson the real deal?

Latest polls: Laine in the lead.

Boom box bike at the Dairy Queen heat island drive-thru.

What’s the best way to die with dignity?

Fake survey at posh for-profit retirement home.

Catholic pastor from Rick’s church.

Home prices in Bells Corners.


Looking east, Anglican cemetery in the foreground.

Looking west.

Looking north.

Lynwood Village, circa 1960.

Painted bike lane on Woodroffe: Hans-on-the-bike for mayor?

Bells Corners to the Chaudière Falls via the Flora Bridge.

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