good news/bad news in Bells Corners

Home prices soar by 39% in Bells Corners.

Not good news for low-income persons desperately seeking affordable housing.

The vaccine is out of fridges and into arms at Bells Corners retirement homes.

#WatsonClub Official Plan criticized: “The focus on new construction also ignores the current reliance of lower-income residents on the existing housing stock and the potential to increase housing supply incrementally through conversions to multi-unit buildings.”

A better Official Plan.

Climate emergency strike plus another pandemic panic.

Cycling maps by Hans-on-the-bike.

The future of cycling in Bells Corners.

Shame on Catherine Kitts! Developer money/corruption in the Cumberland by-election.

Metro Inc. owns Basics and Metro grocery stores. Empire Company owns FreshCo and Sobeys. Supermarkets are making huge profits at a time when food prices are rising and Canadians are suffering.

Has the era of cheap food in Canada has come to an end?

Local unsung heroes open outdoor rinks (ODRs).

Westcliffe rink is always amazing thanks to Allan.

The president is working on the Lynwood rinks.

The Bells Corners Ice King.

Free skate sharpening! Pandemic skating rules are in effect.

Best Canadian Tire freebie since the Senators Bells Corners bash.

Smoking mascot near Bells Corners Public School where there used to be a bookstore.

Mr. Doughnut’s favourite spot for a sugary treat.

SuzyQ opening soon next to the KFC drive-thru and the heritage pot shop.

Rick and Joe’s tree felled.

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