feds pulling out of Bells Corners?

Bylaw on bikes at Britannia Park.

Nepean group cycling at a gentle pace from the Bruce Pit to Manotick.

Hans-on-the-bike puts Bells Corners on the bike subway map.

A previous version.

Federal government to pull out of its four leased buildings in Bells Corners?

Civil servants will likely continue to work from home, resulting in a glut of office space.

Bad news for Bells Corners if its biggest employer next to General Dynamics pulls up stakes.

Million-dollar homes for sale on the Ridgefield speedway.

Watermelon pieces in front of Our Lady of Peace in Peter’s garden.

Finger-lickin’ bad subsidized hotel rooms almost ready.

Private pool at a huge public price.

Electric charging stations.

Lynwood Edstan home on Hadley Circle sold in a fla$h.

Mario’s home on Hadley Court Alison Korn is listed at four grand.

Silver maple on City property pruned.

Pandemic panic.

Ford, MacLeod and Fullerton playing politics with the vaccine and caught fibbing.

Shame on Doug, Lisa/Joe and Merrilee for repeatedly playing politics with public safety.

Shifty politicians congregate at the Bells Corners mosque.

Narrow booze sidewalk makes it hard for Shea Weber to social distance.

“They shouldn’t let cars park in front of the door during the pandemic!”

Cruel Chinese Communist Party dictators not popular with their victims.

Bill Teron home for sale on Longwood.

Christ Church subsidized apartments coming soon. The City of Ottawa’s waiting list for affordable housing (which stands at 12,000) will be reduced by 12 units.

Disgraced politicians taking credit where no credit is due.

Catholic icons at St. Martin de Porres.

Vandals broke in and stole the gilded Polish tabernacle a few years ago. Three local guys were caught and did penance. The tabernacle was found in the Greenbelt.

From the new WECA website.

Bells Corners biking and hiking.

Greenbelt threatened.

Watt gets the nod to take on Lisa MacLeod in the upcoming provincial election.

Last time the NDP and the Liberals split the progressive vote and Doug and Lisa won power.

Bellwood home for sale, listed at $150,000.

Trailer park shock / Bellwood Blues.

Home prices soar.

Good news/bad news.

Even more bad news for Rick.

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