Rick’s honeytraps, part 2

Rick’s back! With a good chance to brazen it out and defeat his enemies. Using his wife and daughters as honeytraps! Plan needed.

Odds are 50/50 according to Jay’s Barber Shop insiders. What do YOU think?

Rick’s name has been scrubbed from the official site, but his nasty wife Lida Chiarelli, his three daughters and his bodyguard cousin Darryl-the-sign-vandal will be hosting the boozy councillor’s alcohol-free (!) Centrepointe showpiece for the creepy Chiarelli mob.

Good riddance to bad rubbish. “Journalist” Ken Gray packs it in, endorsing fake community association president/Chiarelli bootlicker Ron Benn.

Wise guys from the mob, developers, Catholics and Trump fans still support Rick.
Some fake community association honchos have publicly defended Rick’s sleazy behaviour.

Not Joan Clark!

College ward residents getting screwed by Rick.

Terrilyn Walters-Hawley from Westcliffe, Tristan Maack from Lynwood and Ron Benn from Centrepointe get taxpayer handouts from Rick’s $260,000 annual “office budget”/slush fund. Corruption!

Shame on OC Transpo.

No transparency, even less integrity.

Resign Jim!

Crooked  politicians.

Biggest threat to Rick? Professor Barry Wellar is after him for dereliction of duty.

Saudi apologist Rusty Baird is back too! He grew up swearing in Bells Corners.

Rick’s friends at CTV working for the corrupt councillor.

Provincial intervention is the easiest way to get rid of Rick. Can we count on Lisa and Joe?

Joe Varner as next College ward councillor? Say it ain’t so, Joe.

Westcliffe car owners want free parking and are up in arms at the new signs.

Dangerous Westcliffe streets.

Corrupt politicians making Bells Corners great again.

Now that we’re rid of Jean-Luc, time for #resignTristan.

Birthday bash for Jesus.
Petition seeking Chiarelli's resignation exceeds target, sets higher goal
Rick Chiarelli's presence protested by council crowd and colleagues
GIBBONS: Some bad news for you, Rick Chiarelli

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