sad goodbyes/desire paths

Sad goodbye at the heritage Bel-Air motel.

Sad goodbye to Sasha.

Bells Corners benches are unique.

Tax gifts to Loblaws for upscale housing at Moodie/Robertson.

But nothing for the impecunious. Bells Corners current home prices. Five years ago.

Poverty wages at Chartwell?

New hotel on Moodie: tax gifts to boost corporate profits.

First 2019 bike-taxi passenger.

Mixed-income housing near the Greenbelt.

Low-density infill on Ridgefield Cres.
Anwatin St. before…

…and after.

Road-widening in the Greenbelt.

Location of the new Old Richmond/Hunt Club roundabout.

More Greenbelt gobbling.

Four lanes with a median.

Greenspace disappearing in the west end.

Wellar: “Citizens should have free, easy and direct online access to public records.”

Bells Corners strip: used car alley, like Westboro 30 years ago.

Leasing space from the mysterious owners of 1951 West.


Speed kills. Pop-up guerrilla bike lanes.


House for sale, $450K.

More film-making in Bells Corners.

Film-making at the Butchery.

Making Bells Corners great.

Virgil Kimberley Rd. before.

Virgil Kimberley Rd. after.

Room for another house.

Trees take a beating.

A new French elementary school will open in Leslie Park Public School, closed by the OCDSB.

Another option for Bells Corners students.

New gym at Bell HS.

Paving paradise.

Student walkout at Bell HS. Tornado walkout last September.

Bells Corners pot.

Bells Corners desire paths.

Old Richmond to Moodie by the mosque.

Desire path from Bellwood to Loblaws.
Trailer park blues: Bells Corners dissed/praised on Reddit.

Planet Bells Corners.

Northside plaza in lower Lynwood.

Chandra Arya: “Bells Corners is vastly expanding.”

A second term for Chandra?

United Church tapping.

Clean-up time.

Our dirty strip.

Ditch Witch on Robertson by the FreshCo plaza.

Bruce Pit.

Westboro bike-taxi passenger.

Westboro Fuse 2019.

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3 Responses to sad goodbyes/desire paths

  1. anonymous says:

    A picture may be worth a 1000 words, but sometimes we need more. Please give us the details of the sad ending at the Bel-Air motel.

    – I met George several times and he seemed like a really nice guy. He told me stories about the old days when the police antenna was in service, all sorts of interesting things about the Bel-Air. He had an interesting life!

  2. anonymous says:

    Novella Hair Design closed suddenly due to a very large rent increase. The staff are currently working elsewhere.

    – Thanks!

  3. anonymous says:

    That new house is on Kimberley, not Virgil.

    – Thanks, I made the correction. The demolished house was inhabited by the matriarch of the Stinson family, whose family farm became Lynwood Village.

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