Canada Day marchers in Bells Corners

Right-wing marchers welcomed to Bells Corners by Rick Chiarelli and Todd’s BIA. No sign of Lisa.

Guys, you’re heading the wrong way.”

Welcome to Ottawa!”

Canada Day 2022: revellers mix it up with protesters.

Eddie’s last ride. “He was a good dog.”

Kids at Kichessippi.

Free bike-taxi passenger at the Bells Corners Best Western.

Hockey team from Kingston in town for a tournament.

Canada Day at the Bells Corners legion.

Block party near Barry’s Hillside Park.

In the Putt Above/Jaden’s strip mall.

Second story added to Quinpool.bungalow.

Derecho damage at Thorncliffe Place. With no generator to power the elevator elderly residents suffered greatly during 11 long days without power.

Thanks to to their HUGE emergency generator it was business as usual at Robertson House.

Stillwater Creek didn’t have enough generating capacity to power all the elevators, so some residents had to be carried down the stairs.

The pastor from Rick Chiarelli’s church led a Catholic mass for the faithful and the pious.

Alanis Morissette’s mom talks about fleeing Russian tanks in Budapest.

Internet speeds in Bells Corners.

Planet Bells Corners.

Mosque stairs being rebuilt. New development proposal.

Mark is the Real McCoy.

Mother of all cranes at the Longwood substation.

Moments before his bike was stolen.

Mud Lake and Britannia, a short bike ride from Bells Corners.

Andrew Haydon’s Park. He ran for mayor in 2010 with Rick Chiarelli’s support but only got 7% of the vote.

Horizon Ottawa supporters at College Square.

D. A. Moodie will open in September as a temporary home for the new Stittsville Fernbank elementary school.

Soccer fan in College Square near Rick’s favourite restaurant.

Laine Johnson fan.

Tax handouts to political friends.

Congolese student sealing Lynwood Village driveways.

Canada Day celebrants on the Bells Corners strip.

Greenbelt trails stilled blocked after the derecho flattened Bells Corners.

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