mayhem on Moodie

Bus stop outside the Bells Corners legion on the Moodie Speedway.

Not a great place to wait for a bus or hold a Remembrance Day ceremony.

The class of 2022 at Bell H.S. had a rough ride thanks to board bungling and Doug Ford.

Sadly, our wonderful OCDSB trustee is retiring.

Only one candidate wants to replace him in the October election.

Belleville baseball coach staying with her team at the Bells Corners Holiday Inn.

Hard-working orange vests at the Days Inn.

Mark, a big-hearted Bells Corners bike mechanic, wants your old bikes.

Laine Johnson on fire! Rick Chiarelli still sees a path to victory if the vote is sufficiently split.

FREE (NO tipping) bike-taxi. Hyatt Place revellers at the dangerous Moodie/Robertson intersection.

Hot enough for you? Heat islands in Bells Corners. Some like it hot.

Cooling off.

Young Milwaukee reps doling out free pizza at the Tool and Equipment store.

Pink Teslas for the 1%, long waits for the impecunious who have to rely on OC Transpo.

Some items at Canadian Tire (like tubes for bike tires) have doubled in price since last year.

Food prices (and profits) soar at Todd’s FreshCo.

Christmas in July? Cold plunge therapy? Move freely.

Bells Corners’ best barber? Many swear by Jay.

Walk-ins welcome for a nu look.

Tarquin resident gets a free ride home after Saturday mass at Rick’s church.

Home prices falling in Bells Corners.

Affordable housing in Lynwood Village?

No more bidding wars?

Six-figure renovation needed to make it habitable.

Garbage Day on Forester Crescent.

How will we meet our diversion targets? Tough choices for the new Council after the Oct. 24 election.

Recycling makes us feel good but reducing and reusing is our only hope.

Stillwater Creek Retirement Community plagued by problems.

Acute shortage of workers to help vulnerable residents at for-profit chains.

Email or call for a free ride, 613 518-2107.

A few recent passengers.

Chairman George at Britannia Beach.

Canada Day at Stillwater Creek.

Bells Corners to the Hill.

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